Thursday, June 4, 2015

I just cannot wait

Trevor Traeger
There is so much happening here I just do not have time to blog.

The Traeger arrived  a few days ago but I could not assemble it because I had chores to do. Yesterday I painted the back and side fences the same color as the deck. Well it is supposed to be the same color - but they are close enough.

This took some hours and I was knackered when I had finished but decided to tackle the Traeger after dinner.

As I stared in horror at the manual I tired to remember the last time I bought something that I did not have to assemble. I could not think of anything in the USA that I did not have to put together before I could use it.

The book says you assemble the bottom and attach it to the top burner. I assembled the bottom but it was not going to attach to the top no matter what I did.  I grunted  and groaned and heaved and strained - and re-read the instruction book a number of times. It just did not fit.

Eventually after a couple of glasses of wine I had a moment of clarity and disassembled the bottom and built it directly on to the top. This worked just fine.

I finished today and do have a few bolts and washers left over but most of these are (probably) spares. I am now awaiting my wood pellets so that I can start smoking. I have bought some pork loin for my first culinary experiment.

While I was doing this Cate was sitting outside reading the blogs of the people who are doing the Gobi desert race. This is one she might have done – but she decided to Ecuador instead. Anyway the fastest person is doing the legs in about 5 hours. The slowest is taking 12 hours. Most seem to have decided that they are in fact insane to undertake the race – and many make mention of breaking down and sobbing.

We are inspecting a dog on Saturday. She is a black Labrador named Georgia. I think this means curtains for me and the cats so I am frantically preparing for the event. I just cannot wait.


  1. Labs are wonderful, sweet dogs. I had one when my boys were young and she was just like a nanny to them. She also was friendly and respectful with our two cats. Great choice!

  2. That must be some kinda dog for Cate to replace you and two cats.

    I am looking forward to making wine this fall. Beer and wine in the same year. I think I might bottle my first batch either today or tomorrow. I am not sure what I will try next, maybe a hard cider. I am glad wine was able to help your construction process.

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  4. That thing looks like a safe with a grill attached.

  5. You sure you didn't buy a steamroller?

  6. Big Daddy is jealous, smoked pork will be wonderful. A female black lab sounds perfect for a firsty pet owner. And Georgia is a perfect name. Curly will be middle named Augusta, which is the golf spot in Georgia so we will be almost related.

  7. SK Waller: Thanks - I hope she is indeed a wonderful dog.

    esb: I think I will be the main dog wrangler around here. Cant wait to see what the wine tastes like.

    Keegan88: It does indeed. I am sure they make it like that for a reason - certainly not ease of putting it together.

    Merisi: It is possible - I haver not turned it on yet.

    fmc: I am looking forward - almost - to this experience. It will certainly keep me busy.