Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It will be fun

I just can't decide what to dig up next 
I was busy collecting dog poo today in my special red dog poo bucket which I got from Lowes when Cate rang me from Geneva to ask me how her dog was going. She was interested because she was standing beside lake Geneva drinking a glass of champagne and had a few moments between canapés.  

I told her it was going really well but that Georgia was really looking forward to her return so that she could take on the walking and poo collecting duties.

I took Georgia to the vet for her first checkup yesterday and she is well except for displaced knee caps which will probably require surgery in due course. No surprises there. 

Apparently this is one of there many hundreds of afflictions that can assail Labradors. 

The things the vet told me were even more terrifying than the stuff I read in the Labrador book. 

So I rang the pet grooming place that I liked the look of because it had an A rating on Angie’s list. I only use people who have good Angie’s list ratings. The man said he did not have an opening until 15 July - which is a month away. It looks like I will be the bather and nail clipper person.She has had baths before so I am sure it will be just grand. 

We tried to give the cats a bath once - not our current cats but cats we had a long time ago. They were only kittens but they fought like wild tigers and we never did get the blood off the kitchen walls. We have never ever contemplated bathing cats again. 

Georgia yowls whenever she cannot see me - except at night time  when we go to bed. So I have to spend a lot of time downstairs doing things. 

Well I cant spend all my time downstairs and it will take some time for Georgia to get accustomed to being on her own so I thought I should buy a baby Mac so I could work in the kitchen. I raided my piggybank so see how much I had stolen from the housekeeping and I had just enough to buy a MacBook Air -so I did. I must say is the most elegant piece of Apple machinery I have ever seen. Much better than my earlier generation MacBook Air

Now it does not have a USB port and I said I needed one and the Apple man asked me what for and I could not think of a single thing. I am sure hundreds of Apple engineers debated endlessly about the USB thingy and I am happy with their decision. 

However - just in case - Apple has made a thingy that converts a USB-C port to a USB port and I bought one of these for an extraordinary amount of money. 

Locally things took a lurch into the grotesquely lurch surreal today when Donald Trump announced that he would be running for President. This is all going to be enormous fun. 


  1. I have wondered if Zoey Cat needs a bath. Sammy Dog loves them, but he is the only dog that loves them. The other dogs tolerated them. I think the Donald will be as polarizing as Piers Morgan. You are right, what fun.

  2. I am hoping David Letterman comes out of retirement briefly just to make wise cracks about Donald Trump. I think he suffers from megalomania, which in turn makes other people suffer.

  3. fmc: I would advise against trying to bathe cats - but that is because of my bad experience.

    esb: John Stewart is ecstatic that his last six weeks will be made much more fun.

    1. Yes, Jon was. I watched some more of Trump's announcement and found it so bizarre.