Monday, June 29, 2015

I am very confident

Sometimes she sleeps - Bliss!
Today is Georgia’s first day in dog school. This was not a happy occasion for either of us and she reaffirmed that if she does not want to go somewhere then the only way to get her there is to carry her. It is  not easy to open a door carrying a struggling 40 pound dog. 

I hope the day is not as bad as the start. At dog school - which is called ‘Bark Tutor’ - she will learn the commands for sitting and lying down and dropping things and leaving things and walking with a slack lease.

Well I never imagined gay marriage would happen so soon in America either so I suppose anything is possible. 

So tomorrow she will know where she is going. If she has a bad day today then tomorrow I will have to truss her up with gaffer tape just to get her into the car. 

John and Antonio are coming tomorrow to do repairs. These are the types of repairs that I cannot do. That is - you need more than a hammer. 

We have a very old house and occasionally it creaks and groans and great cracks appear. Antonio is an expert at fixing these. Of course he can never match the paint so cannot paint just the repair but has to do the whole wall.

I have bought a new weed eater. 

My existing electric weed eater - which cost $40 so you cannot expect much  - was just like every weed eater I have ever had.  It does not dispense eating line the way they say it should so I spend an inordinate amount of time delving about in its gizzards to get the line to poke out so that I can eat some weeds. 

I did this for the umpteenth time on Friday and on the last occasion I failed to put it back together properly so the whole damn thing disintegrated and the spool of line disappeared into space and is probably by now in Minnesota. 

My new weed eater is battery powered so I do not have to drag a power cord behind me all the time. It is also supposed to be an excellent line feeder. And there is only one line -  so no matter what happens it just has to be easier. 

But I have read quite a few Amazon reviews and am very confident. 


  1. Hey Badger,

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  2. My morning was horrible for the only reason I spent it weed eating. I discovered that the people my wife hired to do our lawns had entirely neglected the back lawn of our old house, so it now has a forest of weeds. It was a veRy miserable process. I would hope someone will or has invented something better than a weedeater with line.

    I am glad you are making progress with Georgia. My children have complained that Cooper is not trained well enough. I could care less. He and I seem to get along pretty weLL so I don't mind his eccentricities. My sister-in-law says Cooper isn't a dog, he is a person.

  3. joe: I have replied to you by email.

    esb: Well as you know- weed eaters hate big weeds. The alternative is a flame thrower - or some goats. I think Cooper is probably quite well trained enough if he suits you - and I don't think he would take kindly to people losing him about. I know exactly what you SIL means.

  4. Yes, he suits me wonderfully, "He completes me."

  5. Don't even want to discuss weeds. They are killing me and it is too wet to try and fix the problem.

  6. Oh Badger, how well I remember my bloody weed eater and the inordinate amount of time I spent trying to coax the line out. It went in the bin and I hired a guy to do it. Bliss. Ihope Georgia loved her day out socialising, with discipline.

  7. esb: Yes I know just what you mean.

    fmc: I have never seen weeds grow like they do here - The cay grow a foot in a week.

    Sandy: Well my new weed muncher has solved the problem. Georgia is having fun but is always knackered.