Friday, June 12, 2015

All is going as planned

It’s like having a very small child – except that the child weighs 40 pounds – is as powerful as a mountain lion - licks me all over constantly – bites me regularly – and howls like a banshee when she cannot see me.

Even when I am with her she sits and looks at me and whimpers. When I ask her what is wrong she pounces on me and starts licking. I am permanently wet. I have ordered a rain Poncho from Amazon.

Of course Cate left town as soon as Georgia arrived. She knows a goat thing when she sees one. I am now getting really useful dog wrangling advice from Geneva.

Make sure she sits when you tell her to (Yeah sure)

Make sure she doesn’t jump (Yeah sure)

She has met the dog next door and they are having a fine time. They run up and down the fence and bark and sniff. They are trying to dig holes under the fence.

She really likes the back garden and the new mulch – and especially Cate’s plants and flowers.  She is excellent at spreading mulch and particularly good at moving it from the back garden into the house.

I have told her there is another 10 yards of mulch coming next week and she is very excited about this.

The cats are totally discombobulated.  I have managed to get them to come back occasionally into our bedroom but they spend most of their time on the top floor. Monika hides behind the sofa in the top bedroom.

All is going according to plan.


  1. Welcome to my world. Things get better after a wild, oh, I mean while. I was gone overnight for maybe 15 hours and Cooper didn't like it at aLL. He didn't eat a single thing including his Beggin' Strips until I came home a second time and he knew I was staying there for more than an hour. I am off to give him Vienna Sausage.

  2. A splendid young chocolate Labrador named Georgia! Marvelous news. From now on, Sweet Georgia — elegant Lady Georgia — will be constantly “on your mind”. It’s the nicest and most optimistic news I’ve received from you for ages. I wish both of you all the best. Your personal job, now, will consist of “teaching” your wife and your cats how to appreciate and live harmoniously with this delightful new member of the family.

  3. You got a youngster, they have way too much energy. And a digger, that will never stop. My mother had a Yorkie that could dig clear through to china. But isn't she just too cute.

    After a couple months we come home now and Zoey and Sammy are sitting adjacent chairs waiting for us. It does improve.

  4. esb: Well at the moment she will not let me out of her sight but I am sure she will get better when she realizes I am here to stay. I had no idea she could be so labor intensive.

    William: I may be able to teach Cate but I think the cats will present a problem. However - we seem to have settled down with two separate parts go the house so we may get things sorted out in dues course. She is indeed a delight.

    fmc: We were supposed to get a mature dog that liked cats. So much for that. It will be a long time before the dog and the cats can occupy the same room.

  5. In the most unlikely case that Badger has not yet been informed of a fundamental fact in the ancient dogs-versus-cats arena, I point out that dogs are in the more dangerous position, since a sudden swipe from a cat’s paw can damage severely a dog’s snout and eyes. Cats seem to know this, but dogs often learn the hard way. An owner should never place the two animals simultaneously in an enclosed zone where the dog might be tempted to corner the cat, forcing the latter to protect itself. The ideal place for promoting coexistence (a more honest term than “friendship”) is alongside a tree, since cats know that dogs can’t climb trees.

    Badger would be justified in replying pragmatically to this kind of easy-to-give advice with his down-to-earth Yeah sure

  6. William: You are quite right of course and we have have tried to explain this to to the canine and the felines. They are scared of him - even thought they should not be - and he chases them - which is the height of silliness for a dog with a snout the size of Georgia. It will be quite a process to get them together. At the moment we are keeping them well apart.