Monday, March 3, 2014

I have created a monster

I have created a monster with my new bird feeder - which is much larger than the old one. Sure I have attracted northern cardinals – there were six here together a few days ago – but I also seem to have collected most of the sparrows in Indiana.
I am now buying 30 pound sacks of wild bird seed from Costco – and am making daily trips to refill the bird feeders.
The more athletic squirrels have finally mastered the art of getting seed from my almost impenetrable feeders. They launch themselves at the feeders and land - very briefly – on them – which knocks seed onto the ground. They then continue their journey through space and time – with a one and a half somersault – before landing – not always right side up – amongst the seed they have  freed from the seeder.
We had another bout of snow on the weekend and I have been out shoveling again this morning. This is apparently the third highest ‘snow year’ - Indy has ever had – with still more to come.
It is still not bothering us but the Indianapolites have certainly had enough.
Cate has finally gotten into the loft and is sorting out the thousands of books we took from Australia – to Vienna – to Indy.
She is being very disciplined this time - and whatever we cannot put on our bookshelves we are donating to a local book bookstore which runs adult literacy programs.
Cate is going to Washington today for the week. The cats and I have a number of plans in place and they have promised to help me finally organize the kitchen cupboards – which are still a shambles nine months after we moved in.

I shall also watch the final series of Dexter - which Cate refuses to watch.


  1. This is our second highest and everyone here going for Silver. Good luck on the cabinets.

  2. I envy you your bird feeding stations, Badger. I have always wanted to have some but our cat is an oudoors cat, during the day at least, and there are several other cats in the neighbourhood. When my trees are big enough I may be able to create a cat-proof feeder...

    I do not envy you your snow.

  3. The House Sparrows will thank you by eating insects and bugs during the warmer seasons, helping to keep your plants healthy. ;-)

  4. Bird feeding is a progressive addiction that will wipe you out both financially and energetically. I finally had to give it rest last year, but I plan to start--and remain--small this year. I'm not too hopeful that I can pull that off.

    We got over a foot of snow just last night, which I hope was Old Man Winter's last gasp. This one has been brutal!

  5. fmcgmccllc: Thanks - I will need it.

    Alexia: We seem to have only one cat in the hood and he is fat and lazy so does not cause any problems for birds, squirrels or bunnies.

    Merisi: Are these the same plants the squirrels are going to eat?

    SK Waller: Yes it has been some winter! The natives are getting very restless.

  6. Check this out talking about athletic squirrels:
    I have even taken to hanging those blocks of seeds for wild birds in my shubbery (out of the reach of cats), not having much in the way of actual trees. I pictured myself sitting on the front verandah, sipping tea and snapping prize winning shots of my feathered friends. I do not believe one seed has gone from the bloody things. Perhaps they want a different brand.

  7. I recently started Mad Men on Netflix. I am half way done, on season four.

  8. Sandy: My squirrels could do that! Maybe they can't find the seed?

    esb: I am hanging out for the last season on Netflix.