Thursday, February 27, 2014

I may start playing again

The pork loin was perfectly cooked but the seasoning I used was awful. I was using it in tortillas - and the tortillas were also awful. Next time I will make my own. But I love the crockpot.
I have spent the last two days doing the US tax return. It was a scarifying experience.
Uncle Sam wants to know details of every asset you have anywhere in the world – and every cent of income. Uncle Sam also does not trust you and requires copies of the documents concerning all assets and income.
We also have to declare any goods we bought from Amazon for which we did not pay state sales tax. We are actually happy to do this in the hope that some of the money may go towards road repairs.
Or it could be used for something useful - like a cricket pitch which the mayor is proposing to build in Indianapolis.
Yes – a cricket pitch.
Indianapolis is spending $6 million to equip one of its parks with a premier cricket field, known as a pitch, and space for Gaelic football, rugby, hurling and other sports mainly popular overseas.”
Well I can just imagine the crowds at a cricket match. Well - there will be me – and perhaps the mayor – and I may take the cats to make up the numbers.
Who knows – I may start playing again.


  1. Love the slow cooker. We put the marinated chicken from Trader Joe's in there. Gotta find out about the Whole Foods that just opened.

  2. Let me know when the try outs for the indiananapolis first XI are on

  3. I am not reaLLy sure how difficult any single part of our tax system is, but aLL two gather'ed it can can seem/be overwhelming. Sin-urge-y

  4. I liked your photo, it reminded me of a place in New Mexico.

  5. The US tax man doesn't play cricket I'll bet....

  6. fmcgmccllc: I just must go to Trader Joes - it is no farther than Costco. I love Whole Foods.

    lenny: I am sure you will be able to get a bat. And Indy is starting a soccer franchise too - another opportunity.

    esb: I can't really complain as I don't actually have to do anything except collect all the information. The photo is of the countryside outside Melbourne - I though New Mexico was dry and dusty.

    Sandy: Well if you don't play cricket with Uncle Sam he takes the bat and the ball and puts you in the slammer.

    SK Waller: A most elegant Badger indeed.