Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In three days they will disappear

I bought a fabulous bird feeder from Lowes. This left us with a mismatched set of bird feeders which was aesthetically unpleasing to us and probably to the birds. When I went to get another one from my local Lowes it had sold out – and they did not have any on their website.

So I bought two perky pet feeders from Amazon and they were complete crap. They were not how they were portrayed on the website. They were not perky.

It was impossible to imagine that they could perform worse than they looked – but they did. Until I put seed in them they were just disgusting and ugly. After the addition of seed they became lopsided – the tops fell off – and seed cascaded all over the place.

They went straight back to Amazon and I must say that returning to Amazon is as easy as buying. I print a return label – put it in the box – leave the box on the front porch - and a day later I get the refund.

So I decided that I would scour the local Lowes stores to see if I could find another bird feeder identical to the one I  had already bought. I made a list of stores and started out with the first one at Carmel on Saturday morning. Bingo! Found one.

We are also trying to buy bird baths.

Sure there are plenty of bird baths available online but we are looking for something old that will go with the house. We have scoured the architectural junk yards in Indy but have not yet found anything suitable.

The fence men have put the posts in. This is exciting. In three days the trash bins will disappear.


  1. Today is one of my more un-perky days, feeling not so great since about Saturday. I have even perked some coffee but that has only momentarily perked me up. HopefuLLy tomorrow.

  2. My daughter bought me a bird feeder that is a red ceramic apple with room for the birds to go inside. If they do, it is when I'm not looking. I also put up one of those glued together (with honey or some-such) blobs of seed. Still there, untouched, while my back neighbour's is gradually being whittled down by all and sundry. Birds are fussy critters. I hope they like your perky feeders.

  3. esb: I hate un-perky days. I had one today and just could not get going.

    Sandy: The birds love my feeders. I think the birds don't come to your feeders because they know you will photograph the shit out of therm.