Monday, March 24, 2014

We knew this was inevitable

The fence has been  installed – and a mighty fine piece of work it is too. We can no longer see the trash bins outside the apartments next door.

Now we have to hide the fence - so our garden person is coming today to tell us what we should plant.

The man who owns the apartments next door came to see me on Friday nite. He plans to build not one – but two – houses on the microscopic piece of land next door to us. 

These would be houses in which Peter Dinklage could live comfortably – but probably no one else.

We knew this was inevitable because the real estate agent told us it would never happen. She assured us that no one could ever get approval to build a house on a piece of land that size.

So we are not surprised –but it will not affect our privacy because we will have fences, hedges, bushes and trees. 

We have two new types of birds.  We have seen red-winged blackbirds and brown-headed cowbirds (brown-headed cowbirds?).

WTF sort of name is that?

Perhaps the person who named it had already done the pileated woodpecker, the indigo bunting and the golden crested mugwump – and had simply run out of names. In a similar fashion to the person who named the wart hog.

On Thursday Cate has to go to Amsterdam for a week – so the cats and I are already planning what we shall do. It will involve watching golf and the latest season of Mad Men.

The kitchen cupboards are a priority. I have bought myself a labeling machine so that – after I identify the various types of white powder and other ‘stuff’ in unmarked containers - I will be able to give them names so that when I am looking for plain flour I don’t have to touch, taste and sniff the contents of half a dozen jars.


  1. Does the cowbird moo-oo-ooo at all? Like my catbird is supposed to sound like a cat... Discovered a couple of new birds myself this week. Perhaps someone will object to the building plans and it will take so long to settle he will sell the land cheaply to you as a nature reserve....
    The power of positive thinking Badger.

  2. Cooper and I haven't made it to the time of year where we go outside in the mornings to listen to the birds and neighbors while sitting among the grapevines. I too am looking into labeling just now! I am trying to make vinyl stickers for a customer using my Epson 4900 and Roland cutter.

  3. Cowbirds are awful, we had one that laid her eggs in some other's birds nest and the cowbird babies took over and kicked out the rightful owner of nest babies, it was a disgrace. And they are ugly.

  4. Sandy: I have not heard the cowbird but I am sure it does not moo. Let us hope.

    esb: It won't be long now. You sure are a busy man.

    fmcgmccllc: Wow - I did not realize they were like cuckoos. I agree that they are not a good looking bird.