Friday, March 14, 2014

Surely they can do better

Ivalo - Finland
My local pharmacy uses screens that you have to sign with a plastic pen when you pick up a prescription. The system does not work. I scrabble around for ages trying to get the pen to do something – anything.

Eventually It will make a squiggle – which is apparently fine because they accept this even though it is clearly nothing but a squiggle.

There are other places that use the squiggle screens and they all seem to be the same. It is not just me. I see many people struggling to  make a squiggle.

Surely a country that can invent cheese and bacon filled baked potatoes with chipotle can do better than this.

We need to get some electrical work done so I called my mate Javier who came this morning to have a look. There are lots of electricians who work at the company I use – but I only deal with Javier because he did such a fabulous job with our Badass fan.

He has a 16 year old daughter who was banned from school for carrying a pocket knife. It was a knife he gave her to ward off trouble. He told her to use it if she was in any danger - as if she was kidnapped by a stranger it was not because they wanted to take her to the movies – and unless she fought like hell she would not be coming home.  He is a very practical man - but now has to front the school.

So he started working on the quote for the installation of lights under the kitchen cupboards and for a power outlet in the lounge room. I then told him about a light that was not working on Cate’s study balcony and he went at this like a terrier.

It took him more than an hour to track down the fault  - and in the interim he discovered that power was not connected  to any of our smoke alarms.

This would be why I have to keep replacing the batteries so often. When he connected the power they all started chirping so I had to do the rounds with batteries and a ladder.

My local pharmacy – CVS - which is part of a national chain with many thousand of pharmacies – has decided that it will stop selling cigarettes.

A person wrote to the local paper and complained that they will have to now go to two separate places to get their medicine and cigarettes. The good news is that they will still sell alcohol.


  1. You just brighten my morning. Do you know that? :)

  2. Feel bad for the daughter, she is between a rock and a hard place. Yep, CVS will continue selling booze, candy and potato chips. I no longer care about the smoking thing but I did note that I can no longer just on a whim buy smokes, now it would take some planning. Maybe that is a good thing. I have never understood why someone in government did not just grow a pair and outlaw tobacco products, would take care of the problems. Not that many people would go out of their way to get them and break the law, prolly as many that smoke pot and that is not a lot of people.

  3. I think struggling to make a squiggle would be caLLed struiggling. I saw a picture of a squirrel yesterday and thought about how much fun you are having with your backyard zoo. I was also reading about Robert Kennedy and was reminded that he gave a speech to a group of people in Indianapolis about the death of Martin Luther King Jr. that had just happened. His words were said to have calmed the city preventing riots from happening there versus the events in other major US cities.

  4. I saw the CVS announcement back in February and was saddened that they were going to go for as long as October 1st, or seven months, before they were going to be completely out of the cigarette business. They must quite an inventory.

  5. Love the Finish sunset. We can't buy alcohol at supermarkets (or pharmacies) here in Queensland. What's the world coming to?

  6. SK Waller: I am so glad I can do that

    fmcgmccllc: You could not to that in the land of the free! There would be riots.

    esb: RFK gave the speech in what is now MLK park - about three blocks from us.

    Sandy: In Finland when we were there the sun rose at about 2:00 PM and set at 3:00 PM. We sent most of the time in the dark.