Monday, March 31, 2014

How does it do that?

I took Cate’s car to the car wash yesterday. She has an Audi that thinks for itself. When it feels the windscreen get wet (how does it do that?) it turns the windscreen wipers on.

It did this when the man sprayed soap on the windscreen. The windscreen wipers started flapping and – as it’s not my car – I could not find the lever to turn them off quickly enough to avoid the whirling strips. 

The car wash objected strenuously to this provocative action -tore one of the wiper blades off and dropped it contemptuously back on the car. I saved the pieces and when I got home started to look at where I could get a new blade.

But the more I looked the more I realized that I might still have all the pieces and could resurrect it. It took me an hour but I got it back together again. I was quite pleased about this.

I am confident that in the next rainstorm the wiper blade will fly off – never to be seen again.

A couple of times a week I go to my local tea shop – called Tea’s Me – and have a pot of black Kenyan tea and a BLT. It’s things like this that make Cate think that I have an easier job than she does – which of course I do.

They have comfortable chairs, a fire and WiFi – what could be better than that.

Cate is back tomorrow so the cats and I will have to shape up. I am back in meal planning mode.

Cate has invited some work colleagues to dinner next Saturday night. I am thinking of honey chicken with crunchy baked potatoes, parmesan asparagus and bourbon glazed carrots.


  1. Sounds delish. Good luck with the wiper blade.

  2. fmcgmccllc: I am not sure as bout the carrots - I have not tried them before - we shall see.

  3. I had a BLT last night but the pork was cooked to a petrified state. I should probably try Subway.

    I don't know how Cate does it, being away and far away, I would miss my dog too much. Oh, and my wife too. We are having fun being in business together, and have managed not to strangle each other, hahaha.

    1. I tried checking on the Audi wipers but it seemed too difficult on my iPhone. I wiLL be glad when my iPad gets charged, forgot about it last night. We gained two more iPhone 4S's yesterday to total three in the house. My son and I Facetime'd each other from three feet away which was delightfuLLy siLLy. At least I wiLL be able to reliably get ahold of them now, a Happy Apple Family. I really need a Mac computer now to round things out.