Monday, March 17, 2014

I just can't wait

Tomorrow we are getting half a fence installed. This is to cover the back part of yard which backs on to the lane. We have some apartments across the way and they have their trash bins in the lane.

The occupants sort of throw their rubbish at the bins and occasionally some of it goes in. I don’t know what their apartments are like – but in respect of trash they are completely feral.

I clean it up a couple of times each week but we are sick of looking at it. This will give us a back yard nook where we can plant some shrubs – which is our next project.

Now that we are residents (sort of) in the USA we have to bring over to the USA the stuff we stored in Australia before we left for Vienna.

Nether of us can really remember what that consists of.

I know there is a double bed mattress and a lawn mower – neither of which will be any good to us here. There might also be some garden rakes and hoses. Oh – and hundreds of record albums – they will be useful – no where did I put the record player - and also boxes and boxes of Molly’s books which she stored with us when she went to Paris so many moons ago.

I just can’t wait to add to the enormous collection of crap we have already in the basement and loft.


  1. "Tomorrow we are getting half a fence installed."
    Add that to "famous first sentences"! ;-)

    Why not donate the stuff in Australia instead of letting it invade your life again? I am throwing more and more stuff out. Life's too short.

  2. I 3/4 agree with Merisi - just select Malaysian Air Freight and maybe it wiLL disappear AND be sure to insure it.

  3. I agree with Merisi about the stuff here. You've managed without it for years. Amazing that I can see what other people should do but not actually do the same for myself. I have ferals next door who are very noisy near the bedroom window. I tried leaving rotting prawn shells in a potplant at the fence where they congregate to deter them but they never noticed. I wear ear plugs when hanging out the washing now!

  4. Merisi: Well the only thing we really need is an outdoor setting - but we have to take all of the stuff.

    esbboston: I also agree with Merisi!

    Sandy: What do they do near the bedroom window I wonder? The prawn shells probably smell like their bathroom.

  5. lenny: If only I could get it to you but we can't split the shipment. In any case it is a crappy electric flymo.