Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The wonders of the universe

Lake Michigan
I have found a place in the USA where I can buy Australian biscuits at a reasonable price so have ordered some SAO and Vita-Wheat biscuits. The biscuit situation here is a much better than it was in Vienna – but there are still no satisfactory substitutes for our favourite crackers.

I know it is hard for Americans to fathom – but until you have eaten a SAO with Vegemite – or a Vita-Wheat with sharp cheddar cheese – you simply have not experienced the wonders of the universe.

Because Cate is no longer eating pasta or rice – and is starting to turn her nose up at meat (spare me!) I have been working my way through some vegetarian cookbooks.

I have discovered that the most uninspiring item of food on the planet is the Garbanzo bean (or chick pea). It surpasses even the pine nut for its sheer ordinariness and lack of character.

As far as I can tell it has no redeeming features – except that it is rumored to be a very healthy meat substitute. It is inedible unless it is disguised with a variety of condiments and herbs.

Anyway – I am using the ‘River Cottage Veg’ cookbook and have found some really good recipes.

Last night I cooked sweet corn fritters – but buggered up the mixture – so it turned out to be sweet corn pie – or in fact sweet corn slop – but was delicious.

Tonite I am doing things with cauliflower and a whole bunch of herbs and spices and am excited about the whole business.

I am thinking of having some Thai cooking lessons. There is a Thai woman here who comes to your house and teaches you how to cook all things Thai – and also teaches you about the spices used in Thai cooking.

We both love Thai food so I think this may be a good birthday present.


  1. I love cauliflower, but know very little of Thai, I wiLL have to eXplore. My main Asian pursuit has been Vietnamese in the past couple years and it has been enjoyable, alot of fresh ingredients. My main problems is the huge percentage of Vietnamese restaurants that have gone out of business, plus they are aLL an hour away in Amarillo and my wife refuses to try them.

  2. Big Daddy loves pasta in such a way I could not demand we never eat it again. I am a carb snob, but I will eat whole wheat pasta on occasion. It has excellent fiber and I cannot tell the difference. He also makes hummus with the chickpeas which I eat with quinoa chips from Trader Joe's. Delish. The Thai cooking lesson sounds like fun.

  3. esb: We have no proper Vietnamese restaurants here. We have a few Thai but they are not much good.

    fmcgmccllc: I love pasta too - and Cate says I can eat it - but I don't want to cook two meals.