Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This time it's real

I was overcome with Springiness today and went for my first bike ride of the season. There are supposed to be lots of bicycle tracks in Indianapolis – we shall see.

I was also so confident that winter is over that I re-installed the cat door and Monika and Sissi did some basking in the warm sunshine.

I had my last fire on Monday night and got rid of the remaining wood. Another thing I can cross off the list.

The cats have their flight booked. They are apparently flying Swissair – which is good because they have flat beds on their long distance flights.

I will have to be content with United.

My man in the USA has assured me that he will not be closing our account and that it will indeed remain open until we arrive. He also said that as an added bonus they are paying us interest – at the fabulous rate of 0.1% per annum.

And I have had to adjust the comments settings on my blog. I was getting an enormous amount of spam – lots of which was getting through – but did not realize that I could exclude ‘anonymous’ posts. I have done this and it has fixed the problem.

There are still a very few blogs that I read that have that dreadful word verification thingy – but it is just too difficult to comment – so I don’t.


  1. Yea! I am glad you figured out the Anonymous thing. I used that word at work to create a pen name for the cute automatic sayings at the bottom of my e-mails. The name was:
    A. Nona Mousse

    This confused some people as there was a real Nona in our group.

  2. esb: Is that any relation to Nona Mousse Kouri?

    fmcgmccllc: Well is will be business class so will be ok.

  3. Sorry, but I think your cats will have a better flight on SwissAir than you will in United Business Class.

    If the bike trails in Indianapolis don't pan out, you can always ride in circles at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, maybe just not over Memorial Day weekend.

  4. I had never heard of Nana Mouskouri, she is slightly younger than my mother.

  5. VictoriaK: At least I will know where I am going.

    esb: You surprise me. She was very big in Australia.

  6. You seem to be referring to Banana Moussaka, as the two Ronnies used to call her :-)

    Interesting politics here - all change, then nothing changed at all!

  7. Annie: It's goodnight Vienna for Julia and Co.