Monday, March 18, 2013

Another stamp in the cat passport

The cats had their second visit to the vet today for more rabies shots and got another stamp in their passports. The vet is now muttering about another visit for blood tests but I need to check with the pet removal people to see what I actually need to get the cats into the USA.

I have not heard back from my ‘Financial Wellness Expert’ about the account closing scenario  and – things being the way they are – I guess the account will in fact be closed on 4 April and we will have to start again as soon as we get there. I hope they give me my money back.

I had these grand plans that when we go on our house hunting trip on 1 April we would find the perfect house and would be able to buy it and move in as soon as we got there.

I regret to say that there are very many obstacles in the way of this ideal scenario and we will just have to move into temporary accommodation. We have been provided with a list of potential properties – all as equally gruesome as each other – and will have to make a choice when we go there in April.

On the bright side – I am becoming an expert on buying a house in the USA and am on my second read of ‘Home Buying for Dummies’. I have identified some of the many hoops through which we must jump and – after all these years – finally know what ‘escrow’ is.

Oh – and it’s snowing again here. What the………….


  1. Average time between signing the contract and moving in: 90 days. Having already a pre-aproved mortgage helps speed it up a bit. A bit, banks like to ask you to pay you an extra point (look that up!), three days before closing. That way you either have the choice of throwing a few thousand of whatever into their trough, or start from scratch.

  2. "banks like to ask you to pay" - without the you, meaning, YOU pay more .... sorry.

  3. Ah... such joy ahead of you Badger.
    Do hope you can keep blogging during the dreaded house hunt etc though.

  4. buying a house here is a Pain.. best of luck! I have done a quick turn around of 30 days but that is with all my ducks firmly in a row and being from here.. If I can help..

  5. Merisi: Thanks for cheering me up

    Sandy; I will certainly try

    Trina Caba: I have faith in my agent and my lender - we shall see.