Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sadly - Cate will be away

Two weeks ago I filled out an enormous number of a forms and answered a stupendous number of questions in respect of our USA visa applications. These went to a company in the USA that is preparing the applications. Well that’s done – I thought.

Not really

Yesterday the US company advised that it was time for me to make an appointment to see the US Consulate here – and to do this I had to fill out another stupendous assortment of forms. 

Many of the same questions from before – but also some new ones – and ones impossible to answer.

Like ‘where do you intend to live in the USA?’ And yes you have to give a street address and postcode. And it is one of those forms that will not accept no for an answer and will not budge and inch until you have completed every box.

Fortunately – it also accepts nonsense so as far as it is concerned we are living in a hotel in Indianapolis. It also would not accept that I was not going to work in the USA so I had to say I was working for Ducky Pharma at a salary of $0 per annum – it was OK with that.

They also (of course) do not accept normal passport photos. They have their own unique requirements so that we have to go off to get new ones.

I wonder if anyone has ever answered yes to the question ‘do you intend to engage in acts of terrorism while you are in the USA?’

Perhaps this is designed to catch really dumb terrorists.

Any way that’s another lot of forms out of the way. Can’t wait for the next bunch.

They reckon its going to snow here again this week. WTF?

Cate is in Moscow and goes to Turkey tomorrow. She told me on the weekend that (sadly) she will not be here for the move so I can do all the packing and farnarkling on my own.



  1. Next, you'll have to take the SAT test. Math, writing, and critical reading I'd not worry about. Vocabulary could be the Stolperstein, though. Words like duna and wowser are no-goes in the so-called New World. And barracking takes on a whole new meaning, just imagine. ;-)

  2. Good luck with the form-filling & farnacling.

  3. Merisi: The talking test is the one I am worried about.

    Merricks: Thanks

  4. Just answer those impossible questions with "God bless America" or "Praise the Lord" and you'll be welcomed with open arms. After we put our assault rifles down, that is ;)

  5. I always knew your Cate was a smart woman. Missing the move! Hahahah...

  6. Maybe this is your opportunity to "forget" about packing up the basement, Badger!

  7. SK Waller: I can sing the national anthem - will that help?

    Annie: Cunning as a fox

    nzm: Tempting.......

  8. Any anthem will do, as long as either "God", "Christ", "Jaysus", or "Football" is in the lyrics.