Monday, March 4, 2013

Indianapolis for Dummies

Well what we have expected for some time now has come to pass. Indianapolis here we come.

As we suspected would be inevitable - Cate has been summoned to Head Office and we will take up duties in Indianapolis in May 2013. This means that Badger and the cats will also be there in May.

Today I took the cats to the vet today to get their EU passports. I think it’s interesting that they now have EU passports but I don’t - and still have to go though the ‘others’ lines whenever we come back to Europe. But then I haven’t had Rabies shots and been micro-chipped.

We will be going to Indianapolis again on 30 March to look for a house.

The company offers cultural training and I am going to do this. I just cannot imagine what it could be but perhaps it includes survival skills in case I have to visit a shopping mall, school or cinema.

They also offer language classes and I may do these. In real life Americans don’t speak like they do on TV shows – which is what I have used for training for the last 50 years in preparation for this move.

Last time I was there I had a lot of trouble understanding what people were saying – and they certainly had trouble with me.  

So the question is - what do I call my blog when I get there? Indianapolis for Dummies? 


  1. the big return stateside -this side of the atlantic will be lucky to have you! as for survivor training, you will need it. how to always insist you're using more, how to consume coffee from buckets rather than cups, how to appreciate wide open spaces...just kidding of course but welcome this way!

  2. As a point of con, confusion and fusion I think you should continue with the Vienna For Dummies title. After aLL, it is the title of your award winning blog. I wiLL be glad to have you in América del Norte. Yes, language classes are important, I don't know how good your Spanish is.

  3. I'm sure your cats have EU passports because they were born there.

    I shudder to think of all the arrangements you will need to make over the next few months. And that's even taking in the fact that you will be packed and shipped at Ducky's expense!

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  5. I guess "Indianapolis for Idiots" is too obvious...

  6. Just think of the big parking spaces you'll have. And the stores will all be open on Saturday nights, Sundays, and even some holidays. You'll definitely need cultural training for that.

  7. I suggest you start drinking heavily. ;)

  8. esb: You are rights of course. It must be Vienna for Dummies.

    Annie: You are not shuddering as much as I am. I think esb is right.

    VictoriaK: Ah yes - stores open on Sunday - look forward to that.

    fmcgmcllc: Can't wait

    SK waller. I have already been doing that!

  9. TNDW: Thanks - I will practice all those skills