Thursday, March 14, 2013

The dates are set

It is snowing again and is bloody freezing.

This morning I awoke to a new Pope and felt no different – perhaps a slight headache.

The crowd in St Peters square last night was certainly very excited so they are obviously expecting big things. He looks much like all the other Popes and I am sure he will do just as a good a job as his predecessors.

I have not had a reaction from PK – who is the only person I know who was actually excommunicated from the Catholic church – but I am sure he is just as thrilled as I am. He will – I am sure – celebrate with a large noggin of Jamies.

Today I did not have any forms to fill out but I had some questions to answer. Some of these are very difficult and tax me to the limit.

I have to make up a lot of answers and I just know that one day I will be sitting under the spotlights being grilled by the House Illegal Aliens Committee trying to explain myself.

Now you apparently cannot – and I can understand this – open a bank account in America unless you have a Social Security Number.

So we cannot open bank accounts unless we have a number – which we will not get until some weeks after we arrive – so what do we do for banking in the interim?

Well actually – we have opened a bank account – or Cate has – and she does not have one of those numbers – but when she asked for me to be added to the account they said no because I don’t have a number.

This type of stuff happens every day around here.

I have decided on dates.

29 April          Cat collection
30 April          Furniture collection
2 May            Badger leaves Vienna 


  1. Will Badger be staying in the cold and empty apartment or will he be ensconced in a fine Vienna hotel. I say a fine hotel as I assume the company will be picking up the tab and not Badger.

  2. The Fed government of the USofA is veRy bizarre. The latest round I have with them concerns a relative who is getting money from the G.I. Bill for college. Because this person took a bunch of college courses for four years (without any government assistence) before he joined the military, so they are forcing him to pay eXtra for his college he is now taking after leaving the military, besides stealing his last paycheck without an eXplanation as weLL as not reimbursing him for his moving eXpenses as promised.

    WeLL, the weather is beautiful so I need to paint and do a little carpentry work. Wish me luck, as there are ladders involved. But I told Cooper we can snuggle until the dryer has finished my clothes.

  3. well to the wonderful US.. can be very annoying...

  4. Just wait until you try to return something at Target (a mid-range retailer) with or without a receipt. The experience will make US government paperwork seem like child's play.

  5. fmcgmccllc: Yes I shall stay in the Radisson where we stayed when we first arrived.

    esb: I might be easier to go via Mexico

    Trina: Fortunately it is the home of the brave

    VictoriaK: I think Target is the same the world over