Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A smell of goat in the air

We spent an idyllic  day or so exploring the towns of the Romantic Road. There are some towns that Bomber Harris did not get time to destroy and these are quite beautiful.

Even Würzburg – which he bombed to a pulp – has managed pretty much to put itself back together again and is a quite beautiful mediaeval city. Some of them he did not get to at all – this would have had him biting his pillow – and remain absolute gems and worthy of close inspection.

You all know my thoughts on Arthur Harris. He was a war criminal who should have been hanged. But only the losing side has war criminals.

We got lucky and had lots of snow. I know most people would think of this as a hindrance – but we love it and to walk around a town like Nordringen – as we did – including the still extant town walls – being pelted with snow - was a complete joy.

We were lucky with our hotels – the one in Würzburg was a real gem – and we encountered no rat-infested hovels.

We were due to stay in the Panoramagasthof in the mountains but could not get to it. We encountered something of a snowstorm and Billy simply could not cope with the conditions of the roads – and indeed – nor could we.

So – still in a snowstorm – we beat  retreat to Innsbruck – and it took us three hours to cover 110 kilometers.

There we stayed in the Penz hotel and had our most unpleasant experience of the trip. We had forgotten after Germany – and we keep doing this – that the Austrians are Barbarians.

We went to the 5th floor bar for a drink after dinner and everyone was smoking – including one asshole who was smoking a cigar – and he was sitting with his two children. What a country. We retired to our room with a bottle.

After this America will be bliss as far as restaurants and bars are concerned.

 So on Thursday we have our interview with the US Consulate. There is an odor of goats in the air for reasons which I shall explain later. It is not yet one of those goat things – but has significant potential.

On Saturday we are supposed to fly to the USA for our housing visit. The goats may prevent his. We shall see.  


  1. I fully understand the slow drive, but at least you had bad weather conditions to deal with.

    Last Friday we drove to Medowie (between Raymond Terrace and Nelson Bay) to stay with Jim's brother and sister-in-law. It took 3.75 hours as there was an accident on the F3 (when is there not?) at Berowra... Our return on Sunday morning took a mere 2.5 hours. Neither trip involved speeding. On the way north, we just laughed every time we saw a sign saying 110, as we shuffled forwards at 0-10 kph...

    We will watch out for the possibility of goats...

  2. BTW, what's this business of crap ads appearing both in your excellent blog posts and in my comment, above?

  3. I can't imagine the Romantic Road being more romantic than covered in a blanket of snow. Glad you've had a nice trip!

  4. I meant, "than WHEN covered..." Erg. Champagne...

  5. Really must get you two transferred away from Indy and out San Diego way, Badger. Better tuck and swill, I seem to feel, and the locals share your horror of tobacco.

  6. My apologies, Badger, and your band of followers. It appears I am infected with a trojan :-(

  7. At least goats don't smoke, do they?
    Good luck with the Consulate interview. Don't mention the war...

  8. Annie: Ah yes - Australian roads and traffic. I remember it well.

    SK Waller: Yes it was sensational

    Feuillet: Ah California - but does it snow?

    Sandy; Not unless you set them on fire