Friday, January 15, 2016

What will they think of next?

This is an Amazon dash button. I know - I had never heard of one until today either. 

How it works is that you set it up with Amazon and when you need to order more Macaroni and Cheese you press the button and Amazon delivers it and charges your credit card.

No I don’t know who would use it either. The mind boggles.

But there are lots of dash buttons for lots of things and I am sure soon there will be one for absolutely everything. Houses will be festooned with dash buttons that you can push as you do the housekeeping and cooking.

The dog ate my slippers – where is my slipper dash button?

Damn it does not work! Where is my dash button to order more batteries for dash buttons?

Next thing they will invent shopping list apps that you can put in your iPhone.

Combined with Amazon drones you will know – as your shaking and malnourished hand edges towards the dash button – that once you press it your mac and cheese will be on your doorstep in an hour. All you have to do is heat it up – no – you are so famished and mac and cheese deprived that you will eat it raw.

Or perhaps Amazon will soon have personal chefs who arrive with your mac and cheese – warm it up for you – and feed it to you in tiny and delicate morsels as you recline watching Dr. Phil and wonder why on earth people would go on TV and tell the viewers things that they really should have taken to their grave. 

In the meantime.

Georgia had her first (and last) car wash experience yesterday. She was alright until the thingies started flapping on the windows and then she tried to climb onto my head. It is difficult for a 45 pound dog to do this but she gave it her best shot.

I fought hand and paw with her for about a minute until we emerged into the sunlight and she finally settled down – quivering.

This has been added to the list of things that Georgia does not like - along with brooms, buckets, boxes, vacuum cleaners and saucepans.

She is now also very scared of Monika - who weighs 5 pounds. Whenever Georgia chases or barks at Sissi (Monika's daughter) - Monika chases her around the house and whacks her.

Loud yelps follow.

It is a tribute to Georgia's limited mental capacity that she still chases Sissi knowing full well what the outcome will be.


  1. This post cheered me up no end. Have you seen the movie WALL-E, where people have ceased to do anything for themselves? I will never have a dash button, I fear - but as I actually prefer to make a cheese sauce, cook the pasta, and construct the macaroni cheese myself (with extras), I am not feeling deprived.
    I'm with Georgia - I hate the whole carwash experience.
    I am about to go and pick up the new member of the family. She's ginger and white, about 8 weeks old, and is recovering well from her little operation a few days ago.
    It is VERY hot here - at last. I thought summer was never going to arrive at all. Hope you're over your Mexican bug.

  2. I am suitably boggled by your post and, like Alexia, thought of Wall-E (sometimes think I would be an excellent candidate for that spaceship). I actually L'dOL when I read about Gerogia's car wash experience, it would be very scary for her.

  3. CatAfterMeCatastrophe

    I have never taken a dog through a car wash. I have taken Cooper to watch prairie dogs - he goes nuts. He also liked watching the trains stop and go back and forth rearranging their consists. So now when he hears them far away while he is in the backyard he has an understanding of what is going on.

    We are getting a little snow today, but most likely far less than y'all.

  4. Yea, Sammy Dog keeps going back for his swats too, I don't know if he enjoys them or he feels the need to his metabolism going. I cannot imagine needing that much Mac and Cheese, ever.

  5. Alexia: Clearly I need to watch Wall-E and I shall do so. Indeed I cannot imagine buying mac and cheese when it is so easy to make. Give the ginger and white one a cuddle for me.

    Sandy: Honestly it did not occur to me that she would be frightened - but I should have thought about it.

    ESB: I have no idea what a prairie dog is but I think it might be like as gopher - and I have never seen one of those either.

    fmc: Georgia just astonishes me the way she sets herself up to be whacked.