Monday, January 18, 2016

No one can explain them

Modern art in Oaxaca
It is 7° here today which is very cold indeed. They are advising people not to go out unless they have to and to rug up and take blankets with them in their cars in case they have a problem.

People start their cars here and leave them running while they go and do something - who knows what – finish their cornflakes – brush their teeth - at which time large numbers of cars are stolen.

One morning last week 12 cars were stolen.

Our central heating is blasting away and is barely keeping pace so I have had to turn the gas fires on as well. Monika is very pleased about this and lies in front of them. Usually she has to lie on a central heating vent.

The AT&T man just came to fix our internet which has been working only intermittently this week.

He farnarkled around here for a while – then in the box outside – and finally up a pole at the back of the house. Our internet has always been crappy but I assumed that this was the way it was supposed to be because I keep reading the numerous consumer complaints about the asshole internet providers.

But apparently one of our wires was frayed or shagged out or something and we are now getting about 9 MBPS instead of 6 MBPS which we had previously – and then only occasionally.

Of course I am paying for 12 MPBS but the man said the best I will ever get is 10 – I am not sure what they do with the other 2 MBPS for which I am paying but not receiving.

I did not bother to ask because I am sure the answer would disappoint me.

There are many things I do not understand about this country. One is that advertisement where a man suggests that I should change my car insurance - for a whole raft of excellent reasons including that ‘they will not drop you even if you have an accident’.

What does that even mean?

Do insurance companies drop you if you have an accident? Do they drop you even if you don’t have an accident?

I worry about this a lot because it does not make sense - but maybe I don’t understand the system.

I have lists of other things I don’t understand and am working my way through them with the help of American friends and Wikipedia.

No one has been able to explain the Kardashians who are apparently incomprehensible to humanity as a whole.  


  1. Yes, my parents had their insurance cancelled, with warning, because my brother wrecked a Corvette. Safeco, would never use them again.

    The Kardashians are great because they have great sex and wear really good makeup and get their hair done on a regular basis.

    My question is how do you tell your doctor if you are allergic to a new medication if you have never taken it before. And why would you take a medication that has a probability of death? And why would you have to tell you doctor this stuff, if this is a serious disease are these people not under treatment. Who just walks in off the street demanding drugs with serious side effects?

  2. I don't understand auto insurance. I have the same 3 vehicles I had 5 years ago, so their value has dropped considerably, yet my insurance has just gone up a little. I even filled out the paperwork to show that one of my 3 vehicles for 2 drivers travels less than 12,000 miles in a year. I keep exact records for fueling. So I showed that the 2 vehicles I drive go less than 12,000 miles combined.

    It is s'pposed to climb to 70 by Saturday here from freezing today. They said we had industrial snow downtown today caused by the chemical plant steam emissions.

  3. fmc: Well I am just flabbergasted. So the Kardashians are just like me except I have no sex, do not wear makeup and have no hair. I cannot answer the question about medicine because everything that is advertised on TV has a disclaimer that is five minutes long and says that the medicine may jill you.

    esb: After our first year without accidents our insurance went up. The second year without accidents it wen up again.