Saturday, January 9, 2016

Don't bother with the grasshoppers

We spent a lot of time doing this
So we are still suffering from the effects of using the water to clean our teeth – although it is getting better. Fortunately we have a bathroom for everyone plus some spares. But it does help one lose weight.

Apart from this we had a fabulous time and really everyone should see Oaxaca – which is pronounced ‘wa-ha-ca’. There is lots to do and there are great restaurants. Do not go in summer.

And I would not bother eating the toasted grasshoppers which I think are overrated. But I guess like Vegemite it is an acquired taste.

The trip home went according to plan and immigration in the USA was of course a complete shambles. We are permanent residents so theoretically can go through with US citizens – pop our green cards into a machine and get a piece of paper which will take us straight through to customs.

Unfortunately Cate has the same name as a person of interest to the US immigration people so her card is always rejected and we have to go through the usual tedious process of lining up for some time to go the vetting process. 

This is particularly exciting when you have a pressing connection.

But the man at immigration said we should get Global Entry status which should fix the problem so we shall do this.

We have one guest leaving today and another one arriving so there is a quick turnaround being done by the housemaid. I am busily washing sheets and towels.

They say that tonite we may get 2-5 inches of snow which would be wonderful but we have been let down many times before.


  1. I think we got right at the one inch we were told we should eXpect. For some reason the idea of eating insects on purpose has no appeal to me. But I eat lobster, shrimp and crawfish, which someone might say look just as bizarre as an insect, only bigger. The Nahuatl word for insect is 'yolkatsin'. It can also mean a contemptible or powerless person. Oh, I found grasshopper: 'chapultepec'.

  2. Big Daddy loves Global Entry, takes no time at all, I think there was just an interview and some fingerprints. It is great.

  3. esb: I cannot recommend posted grasshoppers but I do love shrimp. But they do sell the grasshoppers everywhere - in buckets. I just don't know were they get them all.

    fmc: Yes I am on to this. We have to go to Kentucky but it is less than two hours.