Monday, January 4, 2016

Don't drink the water

Oaxaca is a truly wonderful with friendly people and great restaurants. We are staying in an apartment on a hill about 15 minutes walk from the center of the city. We walk downhill and then PK and I get a taxi home and the girls walk.

It is winter here and the mornings and nights are wonderful. The day not so much and it gets as hot as buggery. Which to any non-Autralians reading this - does not mean what it says.

We have visited about 1,000 shops and galleries and have bought masses of stuff Including some hand made glasses for which we have been looking for some time. We had to buy an extra bag to carry it home.

It is spectacularly cheap and we can have dinner for four with oodles of wine in the best restaurants here for $140.

I have had my shoes shined by a professional shiner for the first time in my life. It was a spectacular job and I was so impressed i did it again today.

We were told not to drink the water but that we could use it to clean our teeth.

Two of us wish we had not.



  1. Oaxaca sounds interesting. I wasn't aware of its features. I enjoy learning a new Nahuatl word every once in awhile.

  2. No, no, no to the brushing of the teeth. I was told by a State Department guy once, if you are really in doubt brush with Coke. Also the ice is dodgy. However, the cheapness is wonderful. I heard lace table linens were divine.

  3. esb: I am sure you would just love it.

    fmc: Yes we now know. I will always use bottled water in future.