Monday, August 10, 2015

Why do they do this?

We are getting ready for our bicycle ride in German and France in October so are going for long rides along the cycle paths in Indy. There are actually some good ones - and they are much better than the roads.

Anyway the Indiana State Fair is on at the moment and when we rode along we heard this enormous roaring noise. Cate thought it was motorcycles because we had the Motogp in Indy on Sunday and there are bikes all over the place roaring up and down the streets.

I explained to her that she was not hearing bikes - she was hearing tractor pulling - and I had to explain to her what that is. Well - I said - these gigantic modified tractors pull these enormous weights along a dirt strip and they try to pull it as far as they can.I did not get into ‘full pulls’ and ‘pull offs’ 

She could not quite grasp this so I had to go over it a couple of times. She asked why they did it and I could  not think of an answer except that we live in the mid west and this is what a lot of people do  here - apart from hog rasslin’ and shooting critters. 

I mean you might as well ask me why young black men wear their pants down round their knees so the we can see their underpants. There are many things I do not understand. 

Anyway we might go to the show but I don’t think Cate wants to see the tractors - she is more into cows and other furry animals - having been raised on a farm where she had to milk cows. 

Meanwhile - our lounge room ceiling is leaking again and I have asked John to have a look. Last time he patched it up but I think this time he will have to remove the ceiling to find the leak and this will be lots of fun for Georgia  because the lounge room is where her bed is.

We have moved her crate upstairs so that she now sleeps in the bedroom with us - and the cats sleep on the bed. This works OK except that Georgia now whimpers are 4 AM to get up and go downstairs and then Sissi  square dances over the bed and our heads for a couple of hours. 

Cate read an article about dogs last night and found out that so far we have done everything wrong. 


  1. "Cate read an article about dogs last night and found out that so far we have done everything wrong."

    I cannot believe you. I'm utterly convinced that Georgia has found her way into a marvelous mansion, and that she's surely overjoyed to have met up with exceptional friends such as Cate and yourself. If ever she had genuine problems, she would surely let you know immediately. Im convinced that your new life is being shared, day and night, with an immensely Heppy Dog.

  2. Hope you see some red pigs, my fave.

    The pants wearing thing is beyond me, I swear I was in downtown last week and saw a law clerk with his panties showing, have they no pride? It was not even designer undies.

  3. William: All that is true but she has trained us rather than us training her. She knows exactly what to do to get anything she wants.

    fmc: I will look out for the red pigs. Some of them look like they are wearing their grandfather's undies.

    esb: Oh dear - I think I deleted your comment by mistake - Sorry!.

  4. esb: I found it in my email. Yes we just have to live with what she is - but she is a delightful dog and we would never part with her - even though she drives men crazy at times.

  5. I'll keep a lookout for you in France in October when I'm there; don't ride over me.