Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Put it on a stick

Deep fried butter on a stick
The State Fair is on and we have decided that we really must go this year. We are just busting to see what it is like and to also try the food. I think they have  deep fried butter on a stick there this year and I am looking forward to testing that.

All the presidential candidates have visited the Iowa State Fair and have all been seen eating fair food – mainly pork chops on a stick. There does appear to be any edible substance in America that cannot be put on a stick.

Our specialty here is probably corn dogs because our state is covered in corn. But a corn dog is not made of corn it is made of meat and is covered in corn batter. You would think it would be a meat dog but what would I know about these things.

An incidentally – to ‘corn dog’ someone is to knee them in the bum when they are not expecting it. I don’t know what it is called if you knee them in the bum when they are expecting it. But it probably doesn’t happen – I mean – who stands around expecting to be kneed in the bum.

There is some fabulous entertainment – mainly country - but for the old folks who have memories of the 70s there are The Village People and KC and the Sunshine Band. Now it might be just me but I reckon that if I had a band and was getting gigs at state fairs I would seriously consider retiring.

In the meantime there are the first signs of fall. Some leaves are turning and the grass is not growing quite as fast as it was. This summer has been brutal and I will be glad to see the end of it. The climatologists say that July was our hottest month ever and 2015 will be the hottest year ever.

Georgia ate one of my Cole Haan shoes. I can now only wear them in the garden because one shoe has the end eaten out of it. It was my fault because I provoked her by leaving it on the floor where it was just begging to be chewed. I mean – what else could she do faced with such a tasty morsel.

Jason Day won the PGA championship. It is a little known fact that Cate and Jason grew up in the same town – Beaudesert Queensland – but at different times. Cate takes no credit for Jason’s success but we are very pleased for him as he has been very close to a major win on a number of occasions.


  1. Hated the chewing stage, that is why I adore adopting older dogs, mainly with no teeth.

  2. fmc: Well as you know we were supposed to get a 'mature dog who liked cats' so it is entirely our fault.

  3. I checked the wikipedia article for Beaudesert for notable people, but Cate was not listed.

  4. esb: Perhaps we could do an entry for her - she is quite famous in this house.

  5. This post reminded me of Monty Python for some reason. I imagine it was the thought of someone waiting around to get kneed in the bum. Ahahaha

  6. Oh and what a difference between Jason Day and that ignorant tennis player who thinks he is God's gift, Kygrios (or however he spells it).

  7. Sandy: Yes I think the corn dog would be a good MP like. Jason seems to be a fine young man.