Friday, August 21, 2015

Sissi is in charge

Dexter works in here
Sissi has taken charge around here.

She now wanders around the house wherever and whenever she likes and monsters Georgia. She sits in front of Georgia – about two feet away - and gives her the death stare. Georgia wags her tale half-heartedly – knowing full well that Sissi is not going to play – then slinks away.

I would not be surprised if Sissi soon steals Georgia’s bed and Georgia has to sleep on the floor.

Antonio is fixing the ceiling. He is aided by listening to a Spanish radio station at full blast. This does not help me as my Spanish is still at the baby stage. However – it seems it helps him along and I am all for this as the house is a shambles.

Georgia – who is proving to be a dog without oodles of courage – is afraid of Antonio – and indeed most other things as well – and will not come into the house. She will also not come out of the bedroom.

This morning I let her out of her crate and told her to go downstairs with me. Instead she jumped on the bed and tried to burrow under the covers with Cate. As she weighs 40 pounds and is the size of a small horse this did not work.

Antonio has built a wall of plastic around where he is working and she is deathly afraid of this. I think she thinks Dexter is in there dismembering dogs. I told her Dexter only did people but she is unconvinced.

Anyway the hole in the ceiling is fixed and Antonio is now doing the plastering. This is excellent progress.

There is panic here as Donald leads the race by a wide margin – and is rapidly overtaking Hillary. So both the Republicans and Democrats are squeaking with fright.

This is an enormously entertaining but unedifying spectacle as candidates shout at each other and try to top the outrageous statements of Donald Trump.

This of course is impossible.

How do you build on the hypothesis that you will deport 11 million illegal immigrants?

You can see what they are up against – although they are giving it their best shots.


  1. Donald The Grate. (As in irritating)

  2. so, logically, the bedroom is not in the house. That's kind of cool.

  3. esb: Loom out for President Donald.

    NanU: You are such tease.

  4. esb: Loom is the word for look used by people who cannot type. But Donald is looming!

  5. It fits: Donald Trump is not my 'type' of person.

  6. esb: Of course it could be loon!