Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A turkey four feet tall

So we went to the State Fair and it was exactly how I thought it would be. There are more types of food than you would think possible – including some which to us were incomprehensible.

One of these was funnel cakes - which of course we had to try. It is had to describe so I have included photo. It tastes a lot like a donut.

I also tried the corn dog which was much to corny for my liking and I had a hot dog which was up to the usual high standard of dogs in America. There was simply too much to try – and some of them – like the turkey legs – were impossible to contemplate. These must come from turkeys that are four feet tall.
We saw dogs jumping hurdles – this is apparently called ‘agility’. This is not something Georgia could do. She can surely jump but is not good at following directions.

We saw a lot of very large horses and very many rabbits. There was a whole pavilion of rabbits. Some of them had won prizes for something – I just cannot imagine what. I man let us pet one and it was very soft – perhaps it got a prize for this.

Cate offered to let me watch the tractor pulling but I had had enough excitement for one day.


  1. I need a giant Amish donut in my life

  2. I like the idea of winning a prize for being the softest. That is comforting, especially they way my week has gone.

  3. lenny: Everyone does.

    esb: I hope it gets better for you.