Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What can you expect

Well John and Mike found the leak. They did not use the ‘keyhole’ method where you make a small hole in the ceiling and insert a micro-camera. They prefer the more robust ‘ tear the ceiling down’ method – which was highly successful.

But the ceiling had to come down  anyway – it was absolutely sodden and gallons of water poured out when holes were made.

So the leak was the air conditioner – which had not been installed properly.

John has fixed it and Antonio will arrive when everything dries out and put it all back together again. I love watching Antonio work – he is the best craftsman I have ever seen.

In the meantime our piss ant Prime Minister – Tony Abbott – by a sleight of hand – has managed to kill a parliamentary vote on gay marriage.

Had we had a free vote in parliament - gay marriage would have been endorsed overwhelmingly – indeed in the general population 75% is in favor of gay marriage.

This is the man who is trying his hardest to kill the renewable energy industry in Australia.

Tony Abbott is a bully, a liar, a misogynist and a homophobe and I simply don’t know how we end up with these sniveling chicken shit mental midgets as leaders.

Oh and in case you were wondering who caused that steaming pile of crap that is Iraq – Jeb Bush says it was Hillary Clinton- with help from President Obama.

No mention of Jeb’s brother - who I am almost sure was president when they invaded – I will check Wikipedia. 


  1. Oh my gosh, we had a similar emergency with the AC in our attic just two weeks ago. Fortunately, our leak was over the shower. So sorry!

  2. I seem to remember a great many problems with air conditioning in Vienna; I see a theme emerging...

    I was listening to Radio NZ's Aussie correspondent yesterday when she was explaining just exactly how weaselly and sly TA* had been when he contrived to get the possibility of a free vote squashed. Beyond belief - do they have an impeachment option in Aus politics???

    (*TA - might stand for Tony Abbott, but is actually short for The A*****e.)

  3. Water condensate problems are tricky sometimes in AC units. A lot of times there was a poor choice in the placement of the internal component of the AC unit during the design phase. I truly dislike putting them in attics, and I have had water problems with both systems in my larger commercial building. What is bizarre is there was always plenty of room to have put them down at floor level or have used a completely different modular design completely outside the building which doesn't ever have a condensate problem.

  4. SK Waller: I am just happy the found it. Last time the ceiling leaked they could not and just repaired it.

    Alexia: I am confident this will fix the problem! No we cannot impeach the asshole but he such a dickhead that I suspect his days are numbered.

    esb : This was not complicated. The outlet valve was working but was angled up slightly - meaning that drips ran back down the outside - and in to the ceiling. This has been fixed with a u joint which cost John 30 cents - and me about $3,000.

  5. An air conditioning leak is child's play. When we were renovating our US home and the roof was but a (sturdy, allegedly) tarpaulin, a storm filled the tarpaulin with water, which naturally tore and sent gallons of water onto the ceilings of our main level, which, naturally, collapsed. We were living in the home at the time, and I was expectant with our second child. The following day we moved into a hotel until the house was back under roof. Fun times.

  6. VictoriaK: Wow - that must have been some sight. Mine was a drip by comparison.

  7. The trouble is, there is ALWAYS another dickhead waiting in the wings. Very depressing.

  8. Sandy: There are hordes of them running for President here.