Friday, August 14, 2015

It was not her

Georgia has a new friend – it is called the fountain – and she spends a lot of time next to it. She also likes to drink from it – probably because the water is green and slimy and full of mulch.

She does not really seem to like the fresh water in her bowls. This is much too sterile and tasteless.

I am amazed by the number of scams that are going on here – many of them advertised on mainstream radio and TV.

One I heard yesterday on the radio says that you can ‘piggyback’ on the Canadian social security system and collect thousands of dollars each month. It is probably just me - but when I hear an obvious scam I just have to know what it is.

Turns out that if you invest in Canadian securities you will eventually get dividends – you know – just like investing in stock in the USA. Except with the Canadian one you pay someone extra money.

One I really like is the ‘Tesla machine’. You pay to get the blueprints to this machine which will then generate all your electricity and you will never have another power bill.

This is the ‘secret machine that power companies do not want you to know about’.

It is not easy to find out what these scans are. You always have to watch an extremely tedious video lasting at least half an hour - until finally you are asked to send money.

Now I simply cannot imagine anyone sending money to get the plans to the magic machine that will generate power for life.

But people do! I have seen complaints online from idjits who have sent money and have received only gobbledygook plans. They are disappointed and unhappy.

These might be the same people who are going to vote for Donald Trump.

Oh and I have checked. It was Jeb Bush’s brother who invaded Iraq and he was also the one who agreed with the Iraqi government that all US troops would be withdrawn by 2011.

So I really don’t think he can blame Hillary. Indeed she has been very quiet since she murdered Jimmy Hoffa, ran a gigantic cocaine ring out of the White House and blew up the World Trade Center.


  1. I read an article on the speech patterns and vocabulary of Donald Trump. I think it is interesting that he speaks so much like a 4th grade bully, but playground speech, as he would not get by with it in a classroom.

    1. I read a fun article of 20 things to NOT do in Australia.

  2. esb: It seems as though he thinks like a 4th grader - based on his weekend interview. There are many things not to do in Australia - that insure specialty.

  3. To say nothing of John Howard sending Aussie troops to Iraq without telling us, or even parliament about his support for Bush senior.