Thursday, August 27, 2015

I think I know

Antonio has finished and he and John have left – albeit temporarily. The only thing that remains is the sounds of Spanish songs ringing in my ears.

Whenever we part company we know that we see each other again real soon as more bits and pieces of this ancient house need fixing. There are very few things I can do because they mostly require carpentry skills and I am not good at all at that sort of stuff.

Georgia is a bit more relaxed now because her bed is back where it should be in the lounge room. But she is of a somewhat nervous disposition and when I took her to Petco on Tuesday she peed on the floor of the grooming salon.

She may have been worried about the roasting of dogs to death that Petco has engaged in previously but I told her that those machines have been  removed and there has not been a dog roasting since January.

There is a food festival in Indy on the weekend and are going to savor the delights. There will be no corn dogs or giant donuts – just lots of good stuff being made in Indy from local ingredients - and there some really good restaurants. We may even sample the local wine – but do not expect too much.

In the USA there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth because of the journalist and photographer who were killed by a nutter. The cable stations have been talking about this non stop for 24 hours. Oh why does this happen in America so often? They ask. I think I know the answer and  I am prepared to disclose it as soon as Donald Trump is president.

In the meantime – and I am not making this up – our peanut brained prime minister in Australia has been panic stricken about his ratings – which are lower than a snake’s testicles.

Needing something to distract the masses he announced that President Obama has asked Australia to help bomb those bits in the middle east which contain terrorists. There are a lot of places from which to chose and our six planes over there will be a bit stretched.

Turns out that – needing a real distraction form his abysmal performance – peanut brain asked president Obama to ask him (peanut brain) to participate in the war on Isis. And he is considering it.

Spare me. 


  1. Depressing in the extreme, both Donald's hair and PB PM's hair brained schemes. I think I need a nap...

  2. Sandy: I live in hope that a real person will replace PB.