Monday, February 24, 2014

I am lucky to be alive

I am  lucky to be alive.
On Friday there were eight homicides in Indianapolis. This is an extraordinary number – even for this town - which seems to have more than its fair share of murders and mayhem in general.
Also I just missed being killed by the largest pothole I have ever seen. This was in college avenue not so far from us and I was beetling along in the inside lane – always a mistake – when I spotted this gigantic chasm in front of me.
I braked heavily and was only doing about 10 mph when I hit. It did not tear my wheel off as I had expected – but I narrowly missed a bunch of tourists with donkeys making their way back to the top.
I have hung another bird feeder outside the kitchen. This is larger and more elaborate than the one we have already. I bought it without Cate and she may hate it. We are also looking for a bird bath but have not yet been able to find anything suitable.
My car got its first wash ever on Friday. I vaguely recall – in days gone by - car washes having hordes of people who dried the car and cleaned the interior. Not anymore.
You get hooked up and are dragged through the suds and water – and finally the blow dry. Then its all over in less than two minutes and you are on your way. It’s remarkably efficient – if not particularly satisfying.

Last nite I made Mexican chicken soup. Tonite I am making pulled pork Tortillas. I am using my crockpot for the first time and am slow cooking pork loin. 


  1. Do you need a bigger vehicle perhaps??? Potholes... what will they think of next. Stay safe.

  2. One thing about Metro Detroit, you can get the old fashioned "hordes drying and vacuuming" anywhere. Can't wait to hear about the slow cooker.

  3. We have terrible wave patterns in our asphalt on some of the intersections in our town. I don't understand why it has taken the city so long to finally start fixing them. Our pavement imperfections don't seem to be quite large enough to hide donkeys. I have noticed that the deer have stayed away, perhaps they only come into town during periods of drought.

  4. Sandy: The only safe vehicle in Indy at the moment is a tank.

    fmcgmccllc: Well I am sure they must have them here - but Mike appears to have the case wash business pretty much to himself.

    esb: Well apparently in Indy they don't start major repairs until winter has really gone. I have never seen a deer in this state.