Monday, February 17, 2014

I am keeping the furnace at full blast

We have moved beyond snow now and are having rain and icy blasts.  There were mountains of snow on the weekend and Indianapolis ground to a halt – again. 
There are some streets that now cannot be used and the mayor is arranging for massive amounts of pothole filler to be shipped in.
The house is leaking in three places and we got the guy who renovated it to come back and have a look. He said there is not much he can do because the problem is caused by ice dams that build up and force ice into places where it would never normally go.
He said he has the same problem at his house – and with many of his clients – caused by the freaky weather the like of which they have not seen here for many years.
He is going to come back when winter finally leaves us and make the repairs.
We did expect these sorts of problems with a house that is more than 100 years old.
As a consequence of the latest ice age we have not been able to get out and about much – lest Molly and Biggles freeze to death – but I have shown them a few places and we have had some nice lunches at Tea’s Me – which is only a block from where we live.
We were also able to fulfill Gaston’s desire to have a genuine mid-western hamburger and went to Bru Burger – the premier burger joint in Indianapolis.
I am keeping the bird feeder full – the furnace at full blast – and the coffee machine topped up and I am sure we will survive.

Gaston is cooking tonite. We are assured that he has considerable culinary skills and are looking forward to his offering.


  1. Another blog I read, Pearl . . . talked of the effective measure of filling cheap pantyhose with rock salt and throwing it on the roof to melt the ice dams. We have a roof rake BD uses to alleviate the problem, but we do not need a ladder for this task. You must take Gaston for a White Castle, I cannot abide them but they are the "mid-west" burger.

  2. There I was at work with broken air conditioning, unable to open windows. We were all gasping (and no doubt smelling up the office), in very humid hot weather. I thought I'd rather that than freeze to death though. Stay warm.

  3. fmcgmccllc: What a brilliant ideas. I had never thought of doing something like that - but I will next year.

    Sandy: It easier too get warm than to stay cool. Winter is coming for you.