Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mad as a bag of frogs

The French part of the family arrived back in Paris where their cats were pleased to see them. Molly has one cat and Gaston has two. There was a cat merger when they moved in together and it was surprisingly successful.
Not like the goat thing when we brought Monika and Sissi home to live with Muffin. She was already as mad as a bag of frogs and this tipped her right over the edge. This was when she started Morris dancing on the bed for hours every nite.
On their trip to Australia Qantas provided Biggles with a bassinette in which he could sleep – attached to the bulkhead in the front row. United provided them with a sports bag and Biggles slept on the floor – but he managed this remarkably well.
Today we are having a meeting with the accountants who have been doing our tax returns in Australia and Austria. This was a special treat for us because Cate was an Australian citizen working in Austria and Ducky Pharma arranges this for those types of employees.
Now we are considered to be US residents so also have to do a US tax return - which look more ghastly than the others combined - and one of them was in German.  
They asked me to fill in as much online as much as I could before the meeting. I have managed our names and addresses but the rest looks terrifyingly incomprehensible and difficult.
They do our first tax return for us and then we are on our own. I will pay close attention.
We had two sunny days and the snow is melting. Flooding is expected in parts of Indiana as the mountains of snow look for somewhere to go.

But – more storms are expected today.


  1. As I look out the cafeteria windows it is snowing and there is thunder. I might have switched to the other jacket too soon.

  2. We are cloudy cool (46) and windy. I ventured outside just long enough to plug in the engine heater on my diesel. But I decided to stay home as long as possible and cook to spend time with Cooper after being on the road and mopping early. I did get my machine back fast, nothing broken. They indicated that it probably wasn't lubricated at the factory properly and when I showed him where and how I performed the bobbin oiling he indicated that the owner's manual diagram was improper. So I am glad I chose to buy my machines locally where I could interact with a repairman. So I think I will sit here for awhile with Cooper before going to work. He has assumed an ottoman furniture position to get a back massage. I am glad they have made it back to France and survived the glacierous North American continent.

  3. The storm came through here today. 50mph wind gusts!

    Keep warm!

  4. My son came by and brought his boomerang that he got in Australia.

  5. fmcgmccllc: We are still expecting snow - and is below freezing. I am thinking winter may never end - it's the new ice age.

    esbboston: Why do you need and engine heater ion your diesel if it is not below freezing?

    SK Waller: We were lucky - they got hammered north of here but we escaped.

    esbboston: An Australian aboriginal once taught me how to throw a boomerang. I was not very good at it.

    1. There is more of a metal on metal sound (lack of lubrication maybe) when the engine is started too cool and it takes a long time before the engine runs smoothly without the external heat source. I plan my truck use fairly weLL so as to minimize the amount of heater time, electricity use. I also have had problems with the oil pressure sensor the few times I have been forced to start it during sub 20 F weather where I "forgot" my truck while working downtown. I usuaLLy setup a timer on my iPhone to remind me to go out and warm up the engine periodicaLLy then I am okay. It is easy for me to get distracted in artwork and not realize the passage of time in proper quantification.