Thursday, February 13, 2014

Indianapolis is still covered with snow

Cate has received her license in the mail. Unlike mine – it does not expire in one month – and instead is valid until 2016. This is a major step forward in our relationship with US bureaucracy – which is just as difficult to penetrate as Austrian bureaucracy – but at least is in English.
I have shown the visitors the sights of Indianapolis. They have seen downtown, Carmel and Zionsville.
They are very impressed with the shopping opportunities I have at Marsh, Fresh Market and Costco.
Yesterday we saw the Eagle Creek park and bird sanctuary and today we are seeing one of Indiana’s highlights – the museum at the Indianapolis motor speedway.
Indianapolis is still covered with snow – and it is usually below zero.
This means that we cannot take Biggles out walking so our activities have been restricted to driving – which is good because when he is in the car he sleeps. This is not often the case when he is at home – but Molly and Gaston cope remarkably well.
Cate and I also cope well because Biggles is upstairs in another part of the house and we cannot hear him during the night.
The new bird seed is working well and we have has as many as 5 northern cardinals at the feeder at the same time.
Candy (fmcgmccllc) sent me her Chili recipe and I am itching to try this out. Last night I made my favorite ‘Three Bad Men’ pasta dish and it was a particularly fine batch.
Tonite I am having a go at Mac and Cheese – which is extraordinarily popular in Indianapolis.

I am thinking of ways to make it more exciting than it sounds.  
Snow is forecast for Saturday and Sunday - and then it will warm up - maybe.  


  1. Diced green chilies are great in mac & cheese, if you like a little snap.

    We're finally thawing out here, finally waking up to blue skies. I send you hope for spring!

  2. Every one here raves about lobster mac & cheese. I have never tried it as I believe it would ruin the lobster, but heh, that is just me.

  3. Try yelling this at Biggles while he's snoozing....
    "Chock's away, Ginger!" or perhaps you could change it to "Chock's away, Chilli!" Has a nice flow...

  4. Mac and Cheese is disagreeable to my taste buds. I eat most other pastas. The honey chipotle on last night's dish was a bit much but I brought half of it home to try again. fmcgmccllc is a wonderful resource.

    We are warming into the sixty and seventies after today, I think for about a week. I reaLLy need to get a birthday cake finished and delivered today and I think I have just enough time before I have to be downtown. I am glad your visitors arrived safe and sound. I haven't seen a cardinal since I was at my mother's place in Oklahoma. I am looking forward to our spring time mornings together when Cooper and I sit among the grape vines.

  5. SK Waller: I used raspberry dijon mustard (?) which was pretty good - but I will certainly try chillies.

    fmcgmccllc: One of the restaurants here serves mac and cheese with shrimps - I think that would be better than lobster.

    Sandy: I am VERY quiet while Biggles is snoozing.

    esbboston: Almost everyone here serves mac and cheese. It must be a mid western thing. I must say that after all this I am looking forward to some warmer weather.