Tuesday, September 24, 2013

They may wear out our grass

The flags are planted in our garden because our garden lady arranged for this to be done – prior to digging holes for our Hicks Yews. We are having 30 of these installed to create a border on the shared lot between us and the people next door. We own about one third of it – but there is no indication of where the boundary is.
There are a whole bunch of people because it is a big old house that has been converted into condos. Each person has at least one dog. They stray onto our side of the lawn and this upsets Cate for fear they may wear out our grass or (shudder) do things.
I only remembered about that this morning when the garden lady rang to say that the mechanical digger would be here on Wednesday to dig a trench.
I am looking forward to this as it will be the most exciting thing that has happened to me since I arrived in America. I don’t suppose there is any chance I will be able to drive it.
Today I had injections at the local pharmacy for influenza and pneumonia. They have these clinics in big pharmacies where you can go for minor ailments and to have injections. This is an excellent system because to get to see a doctor here is a major exercise in logistics – and certainly not something that can be done in a hurry.
I managed to find a gas station that had a working tire pump – and fixed my tire – briefly. The tire warning light came on again so I guess I have a slow leak. I got my handy dandy 12 volt pump today and used that fix the problem temporarily and will go to the tire place tomorrow.
Meanwhile we have decided to go to Australia in October and have also decided where we are going for Christmas with Gwenyth.


  1. Love your house. I was going to ask why you don't put up a fence to keep the dogs out but the logistics of that would be horrendous no doubt. What if you put it up in the wrong spot?? Less than a week till October now.

  2. I went out to water my grape vines and noticed a fence failure large enough that Cooper could have strayed away! Luckily the upper part of the backyard is normaLLy blocked off. I fixed the aged fence with lever-age, two nails, and some weLL positioned bricks. It actuaLLy took the same amount of time to find my hammer as it did to fix the fence.

    There was a teleBision commercial just now for Hennesy that made me think of you, its the one where he saves the trainload of Hennesy and accidentaLLy stops the Prussian Incursian of 1807.

  3. Oh, sorry, it was Jameson, not Hennesy. Shows how much I can remember this late at night.

  4. Sandy: We though about a fence but there are no stray dogs - they are all on leads - so as long as we show where our border is the owners will keep them out.

    esb: Would Cooper stray very far? I guess it's best not to find out. That reminds me that I have not had a drink of any kind since we arrived in the USA. Perhaps I will have a Jameson when we go to Australia.

  5. No drinking since coming to the US?!?!?!?

    I have had to chase Cooper twice when he got away, but he was very young. I think he is very attached to us now, so I am not sure. He has been neutered since then so that probably helps. He is a little over 8 years old. But he is pretty obedient now, so I think if I told him to stop and stay he would obey. He even now the word "turnaround" when I have him wipe his feet on a towel after it has been raining. A couple weeks ago he was laying on the bed wrong wagging his tail in my face and I asked him, "Will you turn around please?" and he immediately obeyed! He is pretty cool. He doesn't do weLL with small children though so if he ever got out he might pose a threat if they tried to pet him wrong.

  6. No drink! (I hadn't realised the good old US of A could change a person's habits so entirely... Does one need to present 100000 pieces of ID to buy a drink? But then I am an old slush.)