Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The suspension of disbelief is required

I now have a bird feeder that has defeated the squirrels – but it also seems to have defeated the birds. Since I put it up a week ago I have only seen two birds perched on it – but they do peck around underneath it.
Not that I let the squirrels go completely without food – I do put some seed out for them and Cate puts out strawberries and peaches which are past their prime. The squirrels love them.
Tomorrow I start my Community Orientation for Expatriates. This consists of 8 sessions over the next month during which the mysteries of American life will be explained to me. This will include subjects called Cultural Transitions and Dimensions of Culture.
I do not expect to learn much that is new - and indeed there is little that I do not already understand about America. Sure I find a lot of it very strange – but I do understand it.
Of course some things are harder than others. The suspension of disbelief is required – for example – for such things as the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo and gun legislation.  


  1. There was an episode of Breaking Bad where the stoners were using the word 'Kafkaesque', maybe that is a good word. I think I saw a few squirrels on my grand trip surrounding but never touching Colorado. Perhaps there is a yellow and black covered book 'Community Orientation for Expatriates for Dummies', but then I just realized there are two fors in that title.

  2. Do not feed the squirrels, they will become a nuisance from Hell and you will rue the day you thought they were cute and benign. And the black ones and the red ones are meaner then me on a bad day.


  3. esb: The whole show Breaking Bad is indeed Kafkaesque and I think it is an excellent word.

    fmcgmccllc: I hear what you say but I will never be able to stop Cate feeding them. We will have to suffer the consequences.

  4. There are entire populations in our country that wouldn't be caught dead watching the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo, or carrying guns. There are some of us who do not even watch TV. We go to concerts and museums, the theater, long walks in nature, and enjoy good coffee and wine. We do not fatten ourselves with biscuits and gravy and diet Coke and we do not shop at Walmart. You really need to get out of the Heartland at some point and see the full spectrum of what an American is. It's hard though. Since I moved to OK in 2000, it has been easy for me to forget what life was like on the Pacific Coast. Then I went home for two weeks and remembered. Now, all I'm living and working for is to move back for good and get out of this landlocked, redneck hell hole.

    Good morning, Badger! Sorry for the speech! :)

  5. SK Waller: You are allowed to make a speech whenever you like. Of course I know all that but can never resist making fun of rednecks, loony republicans, bible-bashers and gun crazy people.

  6. Hey, that's a family pastime in our house. :)