Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the bright side

I read with mild interest in the Washington Post a few days ago that people who are legally blind are allowed to carry guns in Iowa – and indeed in some other States in the USA. Nothing surprising there.  
One of the arguments advanced for this insanity is that most assaults take place at night - so the blind people have as much chance as a fully sighted person of filling their assailants full of lead.
I am steering well clear of anyone with a white cane and a dog. 
The Post story referenced another story from 2009 – a blind woman in upper Pennsylvania ‘bagged’ a 110 pound black bear. While her limited sight only allows her to "see the difference between light and dark" and "silhouettes of people." With her boyfriend’s help she pulled the trigger from a tree stand. (WTF).
I have always had trouble understanding why anyone at all – let alone a blind person - would ever want to kill a bear – or any other animal for that matter. I am sure it’s not just me.
I tell you these stories only to illustrate that I am living in a country with is populated by more than its fair share of irrational and often dangerous people. In fact – many of them are so fucked in the head that they need serious remedial help – but won’t get it.
But – on the bright side – bullet-proof vests are now within reach of almost everyone. I can buy a SWAT vest for $38.69 from Amazon – with free shipping.


  1. There ya go, an ass for every seat and a vest for all with Internet and few extra dollars.

  2. Yes, see, I was all prepared to move to Australia to get away from this nonsense, but then you all have gone and elected a total asshat. I'm running out of countries to run to.

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  4. fmcgmccllc: I think the government should give everyone a vest - they are cheaper than guns.

    Wanderlust: Yes I am afraid that the asshat will be there fro some time. You will have to be patient.

    esbboston: I think you are doing very well - all things considered.

    Merisi: Any color as long as it's black