Monday, September 9, 2013

The most important thing is prayer

I learned in my class on Friday that I should get a storm radio which includes a torch and a port for a cell phone.
This radio has batteries and also a handle so that you wind it up to charge it. I should also assemble a box of supplies of the type that one would need for a sojourn in the basement. I am not sure what these comprise but assume that chocolate biscuits and wine are involved.
While we are indeed in a tornado risk area - my research has not found any major tornado that has visited Indianapolis in the last 30 years.  But one never knows - so I plan on being prepared.
I have been in a cyclone in North Queensland and can just imagine what a mean tornado is like – and have no wish to experience one.
I have checked a number of blogs on this subject and apparently the most important thing to do is pray. This has worked for all the bloggers I checked on - and none was harmed.
But then I guess if your house was blown away you would not be talking about prayer much.
I am not sure prayer would work in our area because we seem to be mainly Democrats – but I will ask the neighbors what they do.


  1. Oh my God, you found all the Democrats in Indianapolis. It is also a good idea to have a gallon of water per person, don't remember how long that is supposed to last. Some kitty treats and toilet paper and you are good.

  2. The funny part about the map is the incorrectness. I live just to the north and east of the word Amarillo in Texas. The Amarillo is in the orange section but in Spanish it is the word for yellow and for the last several years it has been so dry here we get veRy few thunderstorms, so we are probably closer to white, Blanco. An island of blanco floating in a sea of naranja.

  3. I think wine and chocolate bickies are perfectly all right for taking into the storm cellar. Hell, we don't even have a cellar here. When we get the sirens every spring, we just stand on the front porch and watch with wine in hand. So far, in the 13 years we've been here, it has worked. Wine is stronger than prayer.

  4. fmcgmccllc: Yep we are all together in a little enclave downtown. Thanks for the tips - I will assemble a Tornado kit.

    esb: Ah yes - as he climate changes so does the weather. I have no idea what naranja is - do you smoke it?

    SK Waller: It sounds like the perfect solution. We will try that - but we have a wine cellar in our basement in case of need.