Monday, September 23, 2013

I can't afford to lose them

The utility companies have planted little flags all over our back lawn. These indicate where the gas lines and water pipes are. They have also painted spots on the grass.
I don’t know why they have done this but do hope that it is not because they are going to turn our back lane into a highway to Kalamazoo. I am sure we will find out in due course.
In the meantime I have not seen any squirrels for days. They do not hibernate so they have not vanished for winter - but perhaps as it has turned cool they are just sleeping in.
Or perhaps they are trying to avoid this – it is a very bad photo but I think it is a Rough-legged Buzzard – and it has just finished eating one of my birds.
Unfortunately I think it was a Red Cardinal – of which we have very few - and can't afford to lose too many. 
I would have much preferred that they eat those sparrow-like birds – of which there are hordes.


  1. If you did not ask for the flags, it is not a good omen.

    So sad to lose a Red Cardinal, they are so flashy and pretty.

  2. I s'ppose you could capture your favorite birds and cover them some with a little bit of Kevlar, maybe give them pedicures to sharpen their talons. You could also capture the less desireable birds and ship them off to Detroit.

  3. I was watching an Alaskan wilderness show yesterday and the guy shot a squirrel, then at it right out on the hunting trip over a fire. I think he said it tasted like a cross between chicken and the flavor of wood the squirrel ate the nuts from. Of course he may have used the same wood for his campfire as weLL.

  4. Call the gas company and find out what the heck's going on. They should have spoken with you first, or at least left a notice on your door.

  5. fmcgmccllc: See today's blog - all is well.

    esb: Or I could get a gun and shoot the buzzards. You would not think there would be enough meat on a squirrel to make it worth cooking.

    SK Waller: See new blog!

  6. Phillip, I just read a report that all the squirrels have vanished from the Yale campus.

  7. feuillet: Hmm..perhaps they had a flock of hawks squirrel hunting.