Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The leaves are falling in droves

The leaves are falling in droves now - so I finally ordered my leaf blower from Amazon. It also sucks and mulches. It is electric as I hate messing about with gas and oil. I am at an age where stupidity is setting in and I could easily self-immolate - so need to start taking precautions.
The tree lopping man came today and disposed of our old dead tree. He also dug the hole for the Yews which arrive on Friday. This took a long time as his machine broke down half way through the job and he had to go and get new parts. He took it in his stride and I am guessing this is a frequent occurrence.
He used the same machine for stump grinding and for hole digging which I thought was pretty special. I enjoyed it a lot as I had never seen a stump ground before.
If this was in Australia my mate John would have done all this with his chain saw – but he is a natural lumberjack and is entirely fearless. He has only fallen out of a tree once and did very little damage.
Cate is in Paris and last night had dinner with Molly and Gaston. Tomorrow she goes to somewhere in Spain (Malaga?) to see her sister and brother-in-law.
We are starting to think about when Molly and Gaston and the baby (yet to arrive) can come to Indianapolis. Cate spent some time preparing them for the trip and explaining that Indianapolis is so not like Paris – except of course that we have McDonalds.
I have used a photo of the tree in the process of being lopped. It is a very bad photo -  but will give you the flavor of the occasion. 


  1. Let me just say that I think the tree whatever picture is a great one, in my opinion. It is splendid in its own way! Everybody can shoot a perfect picture nowadays, ones with character take some real talent, though. ;-)

    My neighbours drive me nuts, for days now there is always someone noisily cutting tree limbs, sheering hedges, grinding stumps, and so on. To top it off, someone got a burglar alarm, one with an ear-splitting sound, and enjoys "testing" it every hour of the day and night. I hope someone will report them to the authorities, soon. ;-)

    I am enjoying my desk immensely, but no one warned me about glass being a very cold surface. In the mornings, I have to wear wrist and elbow warmers. ;-)

  2. Indy versus Paris, that is a hard one. Our leaves are holding tight to the trees.

  3. Somehow I had missed out in my mind about you being a grandfather. I am not to that point yet. I do get the occasional long chat with the diner owner's seven year old grandson who is obsessed with space aliens, it is nice to have a few young friends around who think you are the smartest person in the world.

  4. Hope that cold glass doesn't bother you come winter. (Bung a rug on the table.)

  5. Merisi: Thanks - I am encouraged. Yes = the desks are a bit chilly in Winter.

    fmcgmccllc: Well we don't have an Eiffel Tower but there is the Soldiers and Sailors monument.

    esb: I am not sure what my grandchildren think about aliens - I will ask them in October when I see them.

    Merricks: I think I have a good heating system - and I am sure I am going to need it.