Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Safe from footpads, bandits and villains.

A few weeks ago Cate’s brother visited us from Washington. When he got back home he sent Cate an email saying that he thought our back door was insecure - as a panel of glass could easily be broken so that an intruder could reach an unlock the door – and then presumably murder us in our beds.
This was possibly not the most helpful email Cate could have received.
Well since then she has not slept well and every noise in the house wakes her up. It is a very old house – there are lots of noises. She prowls around quite a bit at night looking for intruders -  and turns lights on throughout the house. This disturbs me and the cats - and action was needed urgently.
So I ordered a storm door from Lowes and the men finally came today to fit it. The boss fitter shook his head sadly when he arrived and said the door was not exactly (surprise!) the right size for the opening (apparently a common problem with very old houses) and that he would need a few bits and pieces of wood to make an exact fit.
He suggested these may cost about $10.00 and he went away to organize this with Lowes – who he said would ring me with a quote which – if I accepted it – would enable me to make another appointment for door fitting some time next century.
Lowes rang an hour later with a quote for $170.00 – which I accepted with alacrity – it being only $160.00 more than the original estimate. What am I going to do – I already have the door in my garage and Cate really does need to get some sleep.
Amazingly – door man returned within an hour with his assistant and fitted the door perfectly. It has an automatic closer which makes it harder for the cats to escape – which they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to do.
Monika is the worst. When she gets out she runs down the stairs and underneath the deck – where I cannot go. There she sits and licks her bottom - and other bits -  while I plead with her to give me a break. She never does and it sometimes takes half an hour to coax her out – then I have to tackle her while she shrieks with despair and tries to decapitate me.
I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonite as we are snugged up safe from footpads, bandits and villains. 


  1. Cats and Cate are now safer. In the balance of things, so too are the potential thieves.

  2. People in this country will prey on your fears in order to make money off of you. Americans are obsessed with security. Maybe you could just employ Monika as a guard cat.

  3. esb: Absolutely - there is less chance of them being torn to pieces by our two guard cats.

    SK Waller: I have indeed given both cats some training. The invasion would have to take place on one of those rare occasions when they are not asleep.

  4. I hope you and Cate have slept well ever since! ;-)

    Btw, out window-paned kitchen door once saved me freezing to death when once fine winter morning I slipped out the door to the trash bin and the door shut close behind me. Me in my nightgown at sub-zero temperatures.