Thursday, October 11, 2012

There are many stages for this

Cate is working her way through the various stages of post furniture buying depression.

The stages include – but are not limited to:

Incredulity: That something could change so much from what it looked like in the furniture store.

Astonishment: That you could buy something that does not actually fit into the space for which it was intended.

Amazement: That you could acquire a piece of furniture that does not go with a single thing you have already.

Frustration: That no matter how many times you move the furniture around it does not quite work the way it should.

She will soon move into a very brief stage of resignation where she thinks fleetingly that we will just have to live with it.

Unfortunately she passes through his stage at the speed of light and quickly moves onto the next phase where she starts thinking about what we need to buy to make the whole thing work.

If I am lucky it may be only things like chairs and coffee tables. I am accustomed to this endless process and the good thing about shopping for furniture is that there is always somewhere to sit down.

On the weekend we are going to Neusiedlersee to stay at the Smith Hotel. We are going to spend a couple of days just mooching about and  cycling around Lake Neusiedl.


  1. Enjoy your independent stay! ;)

  2. Cate is lucky to have such a wise husband...

  3. I think you need to come to the pub with me mate....

  4. Doesn't fit in? Drape a few cats around and any couch will fit right in.

  5. Strange, I thought I already left you a comment about coffee tables ... Oh, I found it, it was on the previous blog post. I am easiLLy confused at this time of day.

    That looks like a nice spot to visit for the weekend, you kids have fun.

  6. Merisi: An on Monday I have an independence day because Cate goes to Moscow.

    Sandy: And I such a predictable wife.

    Simon: No problems there- just distance

    NanU: The cats have already adopted it.

    esb: Thanks