Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The sofa has landed

Well we have our new sofa and hocker. It took two men six trips up five flights of stairs to achieve this but they were both very fit so it did not seem to bother them at all.

There was one minor problem that they did not have the feet for the hocker - but they came back later with those.

I have tested it and it is indeed very comfortable. Sissi thinks it is just fabulous.

It does seem to be slightly larger than it was in the shop so I have had to put it a long way back.

This means that there is a danger that people sitting on it may stand up and knock themselves unconscious on the sloping roof – with which our apartment abounds – but I can issue bike helmets when we have guests.

Also – our existing coffee table is of course now the wrong shape and size so we will have start the search for a new one of those. Can’t wait for that.



  1. I spotted immediately that the coffee table would be the next to go. ;-)

  2. I was not going to mention the coffee table. Nice furniture, those hocker possibilities are endless.

  3. Nice! I don't think the cats will mind the coffee table, as long as there's a place for their tuna bowl.

  4. Now I have to come back and try it out!

  5. very fancy! love it - and that sloped ceiling makes me miss our own old apartment in vienna! congrats on the new purchases.

  6. Coffee table wrong shape - made me laugh - I think coffee tables are almost always the wrong shape. I have a beautiful one, but it is in the old house, and covered with junk. I must rescue it tomorrow as The Wife has given away some furniture and the people are coming for it in two days. I hope you don't have too many head injuries, especiaLLy any that involve juries and lawyers.

  7. All very modern-looking! And comfortable, too, or so you say. That's a remarkable combination - looking good and feeling good too. All the best with coffee table hunting. I always think they are pieces of furniture on which to bark one's legs! or trip over! or ...

  8. riveting mate. I just LOVE furniture and shopping in general. in fact I wish I could do it!

  9. Merisi: Yes I'm afraid it's shopping time again.

    fmcgmccllc: I was hoping Cate would not notice.....

    Wanderlust: They just love the sofa!

    SK Waller: Cate thinks so too...for the moment

    Lenny: It's great for watching golf!

    esb: I will try to convince her NOT to have any coffee table.

    Annie: Which I did yesterday and took a big chunk out of my shin.

    Simon: We could do it together - at the pub.

  10. TNDW: Your comment was in SPAM! WE have sloped ceilings everywhere - including the kitchen - Ouch.

  11. I love the idea of issuing helmets to guests. Will probably start doing this for parties since my friends like booze and my stairs are poorly lit.

    The couch and hocker (whatever the hell that made-up word means) look great!

  12. I just bought a new recliner and Bruce thinks I bought it for him so he sleeps on it every night. Bl**dy cheek! Helmets are definitely the way to go.

  13. Smedette: Sumo suits might be better for all round protection

    Sandy: I think you should have bough two

    Simon; I will see if I can catch up on our next visit

  14. When sending out invitations to visit you could always state that people should bring their own helmets to avoid any injuries if you didn't want to keep a stock of them at home !!!
    Have the best day !