Monday, October 22, 2012

But I did remember the batteries

London was terrific!

I found Sad Bastard’s chairs in every store we went into - and the bonus was that Cate found most of what she wanted in the one store – Hobbs – so I was spared the endless trudging up and down Regent Street, Oxford Street and Long Acre in Covent Garden.

We did end up having to buy another bag to carry home the loot. This is because we always travel with the smallest possible bags so that even when leave home we can barely get them closed.

I am always in favour of large bags because I know we (i.e. Cate) will always buy stuff.

She always says before we leave – ‘no I won’t be buying anything this trip!’


I must say we did buy a lot of books at Waterstones. It was such bliss being able to browse a real bookstore with English language books – and Waterstones in Piccadilly has five floors of them.

So we bought stacks – and could have bought hundreds – But I have noted quite a few I need to get from Amazon.

I was hoping to give you some photos of London – which is beautiful in the Autumn – but when I tried to take photos I discovered that I had left the camera memory card in my iMac – after the last download.

Although I did remember to charge the batteries before we left.

So I only have one photo – taken with my iPhone. Enjoy.

Tomorrow – our night with the incomparable Simon Callow - and what I hate about hotels.


  1. There is a WSJ article today that I have not read yet, but the title cracked me up laughing:

    My Favorite 6,128 Books

  2. I first saw London in the Autumn and it really is best then. So glad you had a good time. And, say, how can anyone go to London and not buy anything? Impossible!

  3. Sounds like I pack like Cate and A packs like you !!!! He is always about how it's OK to have empty space in the case whereas I am "Do you really need more than 3 shirts - we are only going for 10 days ?" !!!
    Sorry you left your card at home - will see the pics next time you are there (provided you have the card and the batteries are charged !!)
    Have a great day !

  4. Sounds very similar to the trip Dave and I just did... but we did not return with a lot of Stuff. We were "stuffed!" lol!

  5. esb: Perhaps a librarian at the Library of Congress?

    SK Waller: Yes you are right on both counts.

    Me: I am very much an 'empty space for (shopping) emergencies' man.

    Simon: You probably did not spend as much on clothes as we did.