Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Snow of the season

We had our first snow of the season last night.  We went to Jin’s Sinohouse in the 9th District for dinner and it came down in droves. There was not much left this morning but just enough to make it look interesting. 


  1. not a bad little view you have there

  2. Where I live, the winter wonderland lasted into the afternoon.

  3. How lovely. We have sub-freezing temperatures here but alas, no snow yet.

  4. Exactly the same in Brum. Pretty much all gone by now but it's still bloody cold...

  5. Glen: It is not too shabby at all. Even though I am just the housekeeper I do get enjoy the view (and sleep with the boss).

    Merisi: There is not much around - but enough to make it look good.

    Wanderlust: It won't be long and you will be buried up to your ears like you were last year.

    White rabbit: Keep lots of grit and firewood at hand.