Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Even Ducks bow to people who have Blogged 500 times.

Today is my 500th Blog. 

It seems almost impossible that someone with so little useful to say could blog 500 times and not be hunted down and killed by Blog Vigilantes – who I am sure exist somewhere. Perhaps I have survived because I am not listed in any telephone books and am effectively invisible in Vienna.

In 2009 there were 126 Million Blogs. That is a lot of Blogs. The figure now is probably 200 Million. If you looked at one new blog every second and never stopped it would take you more than 6 years. You would never reach the end because Bloggers multiply like rabbits  - and are indestructible. The only things that grow faster than Blogs are the Chinese population and Wall Street bonuses.

I have read a couple of books lately about the gigantic global catastrophe that was the financial crisis.

I wanted to know who stole so much of my pension fund. I now know – I even know most of their names – and how big their houses are (REALLY big!).

I am pleased to report that they are all doing pretty well. The ones who left did so with colossal payouts and enormous bonuses – and those who stayed are making more money than they ever did. Wall Street is on track this year to pay record bonuses – so it is nice to know that my money and your money (well – the money we used to have anyway) is being put to good use.

And with what the government gave them and what we contributed - every day is Christmas day in that fairytale land of financial derivatives.

The Republicans managed to emasculate any legislation tightening controls on Wall Street and the financial sector in general so any time they want to they can take us on another gigantic roller coaster ride,  invent new and improved worthless products - and take us again into the Land of the Massive Goat Fuck.

Except this time I am watching them very closely. If I see any warning signs I will let you know. Tip – if Sarah Palin looks like becoming President it is time to buy gold – but bury it real deep!


  1. You have just reminded me Badger - I will order the book right now!

  2. 500??! Very impressive. I've yet to hit 200 and it feels like I've written my fingers off. Congrats!

  3. Congratulations! :-

    (You made me go look. 1995 - it's that depressive.)

  4. I'm only on 384. A bit of a slowcoach.

  5. With only 129 on our Boating Bible blog, I'm still using training wheels! Congratulations and keep on tapping away, please.

  6. thank goodness the bankers did OK in the end - I was worried about them.

    Congratulations on your length.

  7. Thanks- after 1,000 I want money not just congrats.