Monday, June 21, 2010

It Sucks!

This is the type of news I like to read:

“Hollywood actress Amanda Bynes has retired - at the ripe old age of 24. The Hairspray star and Forbes young rich-lister used Twitter to announce she had quit the film industry because "being an actress isn't as much fun as it may seem."

Now this is the type of actor I really like. One who retires before I have heard of them. If only some others would follow this example.

A cynic would say that Amanda is retiring because she cannot get any work - but I am not that type of person.

Although I am reminded of the ‘retirement’ a few years ago of the woman in Australia who stood in front of the Lotto machine (or whatever it is) and read the number off the balls as they landed.

She was sacked and later issued a statement that she had retired to spend more time with her family.

One cynic suggested that her family would really value the extra 7 minutes per week she could spend with them. Cruel world.

And no I have not yet worked out what Joe Lieberman is trying to do. It has me foxed completely - this is bizarre even by US standards - but I will keep thinking.

It would almost be worth watching the frothing, apoplectic, eye popping, vein expanding, ear steaming performance this will bring forth from Glenn Beck - but not quite. All the best bits end up on YouTube and I shall be patient.

The Kiwis have put Australia to shame - holding the Azzurri to a draw. The Italians did their customary diving to get a penalty - and succeeded - but this is the way the operate - and indeed are expected to operate.

An English newspaper I read said that it was ‘cunning play’ by the Italian player who took the dive.

Honestly - who would want to watch a game where cheating is an integral and accepted part of it.

Football is one of the few games where you can do this - which is why it is now an art form - because it is not about playing the game - it is only about winning.

It sucks!


  1. "Football is one of the few games where you can do this - which is why it is now an art form - because it is not about playing the game - it is only about winning."


  2. Are you talking about Alex from Lotto! She was there FOREVER! Pissed my pants at the 7 minutes more she gets to spend with them. Good Post!

  3. I had to google Amanda to find out who she was. I would guess that if she invests wisely she could easily afford to retire.

    On the subject of acting, footballers are stars and "give the guy an Oscar' is a common cry from thre spectators. Feigning injury and fouls etc (and of course using the hand like Maradonna and Henri) are routine and apparently near-impossible to eliminate. However, if a referee does become convinced of dodgy play the consequences for the player can be severe. Looking forward to the one-day cricket, mate.