Monday, June 28, 2010

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

It smells of.........England being crushed by Germany. But there is no need for me to stick the boot into England. They eat their own over there and they have done so in spades since the hammering. If you want to see what infanticide looks like - just check any British newspaper online. 
Of course the referee who made one of the worst blunders in history gets a caning too - but if you want to play a game like this and not have a video referee this is what you get - there is no point whinging about it. I have said my piece but I for one know that Sepp Blatter has his head too far up his bum to hear anything at all except his heart beating so you can all just witter on about how unfair it is and if we had got this goal it would have made all the difference. Diddums!

Germany was just far too good. I wonder if Germany can win this damn thing? I am practically - German - I can bask in the reflected glow. 
This morning  I was up shortly after dawn and went for a ride. I was up early because Muffin had a restless night. When Muffin has a restless night we all have a restless night. 
In this case it was just me because Cate was in Chicago. Today she is back in Peoria. 
The appropriate solution to this would have been to swing Muffin by her tail against the wall and dash her brains out but I refrained from this and got up extremely early (for me) - 5:30 AM in fact  - and rode for 1.5 hours. It was glorious out there today. 

At the present time we are having the Donau Insel Fest.  
The island looks like someone built a vast shanty town out of old bits of wood and cardboard and then bombarded it with 6 millions tonnes of garbage. It looks like a gigantic Spar in which 10 drunken elephants have stampeded for hours.  
I have never in my life seen so much rubbish in one place.  Apparently on Saturday they had 1,000,000 visitors - and it looks like every one of them dropped a kilo of rubbish and 40 cigarette butts on the ground. 
 And all this crap is blowing into the Danube. Very disappointing. Where are the cleaners? They were beetling about in other parts of Vienna when I was riding. 
On a happier note - from the Sydney Morning Herald.
‘JULIA GILLARD'S rise to power has catapulted Labor back into a crushing election-winning lead over the Coalition.
Herald/Nielsen poll conducted after the political execution of Kevin Rudd shows the voters who abandoned Labor in recent months have swarmed back and Ms Gillard has a thumping 21-percentage-point lead over Tony Abbott as preferred prime minister.’
Love it!


  1. What about Wimbledon? And the Tour de France is about to kick off! Sorry, mixed metaphor...

    And more to the point, how are the ducks?

  2. 5:30AM rides sound fun...though right now it would be a little cold in Brisbane for that.

    Im glad Julia Gillard is taking a commanding lead. (BTW, Julia Gillard reminds me of Cate -
    I think you mentioned that Gillard was smart and tough ... yep, Cate.)

    Tony Abbott is a terrifying fact any thought that involves that medieval clownpig is terrifying.

  3. The Ducks are just fine. The new babies are coming along nicely.

    I like medieval clownpig