Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is this the worst (best) dive in history?

A slow motion replay has revealed that Daniele de Rossi in fact collided with a Butterfly which brought him crashing to the ground clutching his leg in agony. No one had warned the Italian team about the vicious South African Killer Butterflies.

This is the same man who took a dive and cost New Zealand a win.

He is the 'most valuable' player in the Italian side. Why? Apparently because he is the best diver.

The whole thing is a complete farce - and the Italians are the most farcical.


  1. I think your being a little Harsh P

    It could be a protest against racism.

  2. What a shame, thinking how a simple vaccination could have prevented all that! ;-)

    Word veri: Kediterf
    (Enough said!)

  3. Enough WM Wahnsinn. I want to hear your take on the news that apparently Australia will soon be Rudderless - replaced by a female born in Blighty?? As the only precedent for that is Margaret Thatcher, I'd say be careful what you wish for...

  4. Parsifal: Very clever, very politically savvy. She is certainly tougher than the Ruddster and - as far as I know - does not pray to an invisible man in the sky. She could be really good. She has my full support!