Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beware the Badger's Curse (and Friday Quiz)

OK just to get this out of the way (and this is the last post that will refer to football)

Beware of the Badger’s curse!
I told you I had put  curse on the Azzurri - and they did not get out of the first round of the World Cup. 
I have never seen so many crying Italians. Bliss!
And Karma!  
France got to the world cuo courstesy of a handball by Thierry Henry. Result: Out in the first round. I don't believe in Karma - but WTF.

And now for something completely different. Some photos. Eight have music in common. One is Austrian.

All of them are on my iPod. If you like you can tell me who they are. If you don't like then don't!

You can cheat by looking at the pic properties.But do you really want to cheat?


  1. I only recognize 1, 3 and 9. Suzanne Vega, Joe McCarthy and Leonard Cohen.

  2. yes a good day for football with the diving cheaters gone. and thankfully the kiwis didn't get further than us. i know, i know thats mean spirited of me but new zealand making the round of 16?! c'mon. it's new zealand! p.s the last picture is of me!

  3. Don't recognize any of them.

    I probably would recognize their music as boring though.

  4. 7 is Mercury Rev. And Keegan88, none of these musicians are remotely boring.

    Badger, will you be at Suzanne Vega's concert at the Konzerthaus next week? I will.

  5. viennesewaltz, all is subjective ;)

  6. David Guetta
    Suzanne Vega
    Tito Gobbi
    Joseph McCarthy
    Clara Luzia
    Elmore Leonard
    Steve Forbert
    Mercury Rev
    Joseph Arthur
    Leonard Cohen

    viennesewaltz: Next week I will be in OZ with our new PM.

  7. the second is suzanne vega and the last is Leonard Cohen .....but thanks for giving us the answers ...but I've no idea who they are I guess I'm not very cultured even though I'm half Austrian half British aka Austrish

    WHAT??? you are interviewing the new PM of Australia??

  8. @EmmaK

    I think Badger's last comment there was an example of the Irony for which he is well known.

  9. You forgot the black rabbit. I think it must be mopsy.