Sunday, April 3, 2016

They slobber a lot.

Well Fogo Island is a truly amazing place and we will go back. It is hard to get to and is astonishingly expensive but the Inn and the food are just sensational.

The best part about the Inn is that it is part of the Shorefast Foundation and all the profits go back into sustaining the island and its people. 

Anyway - we were there for 4 nights and our bar bill was about $1,000 so apparently we had a good time. We sort of pushed the boat out in terms of what we drank.

I will miss the early morning tray of coffee and muffins that was left outside our door at daybreak each day. The only thing I will not miss is the coffee - which was strange. 

We flew Air Canada most of the way there and back. Only one flight was delayed slightly. Things returned to normal when we flew United from Newark to Indy - the plane was two hours late. Also one Air Canada flight was only half full - but they went anyway. 

If United has a half full flight they cancel it - due to mechanical problems or because the pilot’s cat needs too go to the vet. 

I am being pursued relentlessly by ads for things I bought recently. I bought a new camera and every day I see ads for cameras infesting the sites I use. I don't understand this. 

I have taken the cover off the fountain and fired it up. This week I will clean the cobwebs off the barbecues and get ready for the warm weather.

Georgia is pleased to be home and is eyeing the plants that are starting to come to life in the garden. She will miss Rusty who is the dog she stays with when she goes to Michelle’s house but will console herself by chomping through Cates favorite plants. 

The photo is one of there Inn’s Newfoundland dogs. They tend to slobber a lot so she carries her slobber rag around with her. 


  1. LOL at the slobber rag. Rosie (staffie) doesn't slobber but she does lick and when she is inside she has a range of soft toys/balls that she carries in her mouth - we encourage this all the time because it means she can't lick us. Win-win situation !!!
    Glad to hear you had such a great time.
    Enjoy the fountain and BBQ when the warmer weather gets there. K (about an hour outside Chicago) facetimed us this weekend and showed us the wind blowing the snow. I can't believe it's April and we are still sweltering here on the Gold Coast with no let up in sight :(
    Have the best day !

  2. I've really enjoyed your trip! I love isolated places and would love a place like Fogo Island. Thanks so much for the regular reports.

  3. Me: I thought spring had arrived but snow is forecast for this week - and it is freezing today.

    SK Waller: Yes you would love Fogo.But you will have a wonderful time in the UK.

    1. You need to come back to Vienna, where summer has arrived already! ;-)

  4. We are veRy dry, so I have renamed the season from Spring to Sprung.